March 24, 2016

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Yes, I know this is not a book but i really need to talk about it. And actually is based on a comic that is kind of a book so let´s go with it.

First of all, you need to know that I am huge nerd when it comes to superheroes movies and shows. Ever since the Avenger’s movies first came out I haven´t miss a premiere (and Capitan America Civil War premieres on my birthday. Actually all Marvel movies tend to premiere around my birthday. That´s how much Marvel loves me). Regarding the TV shows I watch all of them: Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Agents of Shield… So I know very well the mythology that surrounds this world. And yes, I have realized that I mentioned DC and Marvel´s all together.

So obviously I was expecting to love Batman vs Superman and that´s not what happened. I do no hate the movie but I do hate some characters and surprisingly, Lex Luthor is not one of them. I hated Batman, every time he opened his mouth I want to punch him. Batman was such an asshole.  I mean from a 2 hours and a half, I ended liking 15 minutes of the movie. That´s such a shame! How could they manage to make a bad superheroes movie?

If Batman as I said was an asshole, Superman in this movie was not super, not at all. I get that they want to show that he has feelings and he is “human” after all. But seriously, after all what happened on Men of Steel I would say he must be much more confident. He is so insecure about everything and when he is Clark, which actually is for most of the movie, he´s only concern is about disobey his boss. Honestly if I was Perry I would fire him right away.

To talk deeply about the movie I might do some spoilers, so if you haven´t watch the movie yet and you don´t want to know anything stop reading now. If you decide to continue and get spoiled is under your own responsibility.

So in the first scene on the movie we get to see another point of view on the battle between Superman and the other Kriptonian, general Zod was his name. In this view we see how Bruce Wayne decided to go to Metropolis when he finds out what was happening and he goes to the point in which everything is happening, cause that is so reasonable. Come on, isn’t that what you would do? If you see aliens with super strength and a bunch of other powers fighting against each other you go right where they are fighting, why would you even try to go as further as you can?

And apparently that´s the reason why Bruce Wayne/Batman hates Superman. Ok, Superman might destroy a few properties and some people might have been killed but, he didn´t do it on purpose, he was just trying to save everyone! Plus if he hadn´t appear they wouldn’t be Metropolis left to be saved and probably not even Gotham to be saved.

But the movie continues with an argument that is so lame. Lois goes somewhere in Africa to interview a terrorist and it is discovered that her companion works for the CIA, and they killed him. So far all is so reasonable but when the terrorist is probably about to kill Lois Superman appears out of nowhere and saved the day. At least for his girlfriend, cause apparently the Men of Steal had to destroy an entire village to kill one terrorist.

Going on we get to see why Superman hates Batman and this, have logic, actually. If Superman is known for anything is for his high standard of justice and this Batman had none. He is a ruthless vigilantly with no moral at all. Batman knows he is not doing things right and when Alfred told him he respond something like: “Yes, I know is not right, but we are criminals you know”. Really?

Another thing I have to say is that I do not like how the relationship between Bruce and Alfred is portrait. I do not see any familiarity between them, is more of a companionship than a friendship or a family. We are talking about a man who has raised Bruce since the death of his parents. And actually I see that the one to blame for this are both of them. In one hand, Bruce is, as I´ve previously said, such a jerk; on the other hand, Jeremy Irons is no longer what he was, he delivers all his lines with the same expression. Alfred has the same face expression when he is having a coffee with Bruce than when he is assisting him in one of his missions.

I must continue by saying that the first appearance of Wonder Woman was the most interesting thing out of the first third part of the movie. Cause the little dialectic fight between Clark and Bruce was just annoying, so I won´t be elaborating. But Diana Price arrives and steals Bruce´s drive and all the audience attentions.

This is one of the moments in the movie in which Lex appears and seems to be mad. And I’ve been reading some reviews and I have to agree. This Lex is mad and he seems kind of like the Joker, but that’s not Jesse´s fault because his performance in my opinion is nothing but brilliant; the one to blame for the erratic personality of Lex are the screenwriters for deliver a character that has more of a crazy man that any other thing.

And since I am talking about Lex I will say that he provides Bruce the easiest way to steal the kryptonite and he refuses it. This only makes my point and proves how idiot Batman is in this movie. And shortly after that, I do not recall very accurately because at this point I was considering to left the cinema, he recovers the pen drive that Wonder Woman stole from him and, of course, he is perfectly able to recover all the data in the drive, which apparently was encrypted. And all of the sudden Batman discover about the Metahumans.

He send a mail to Diana Price (by the way, if she was trying to keep a low profile she is doing a terrible job) and she sees all the files about metahumans, and this could´ve been one of the best parts of the movie, until I see Flash. I do not like this Flash. I am a huge fan of the TV show and I love how Grant Gustin portraits The Flash. He is so amazing: having all this funny lines and been a nerd and speedster I think Grant Gustin is the best for the job. I do not even like the Flash of Earth 2 (those who follows the show would know what I am talking about). And I have to say I do like Ezra Miller as an actor, I loved him in The perks of being a wallflower, but he is not Flash; at least not to me.

And all of the sudden Lex kidnaped Clark´s mom and Louis and in some point makes the Capitol of USA explode. Which was kind of absurd. The terrorist was in a wheelchair ok, but if the detectors of the entrance would not noticed this, Superman would have. Instead Superman did not even suspect of it, but the USA senator was suspicious of it and realizes a few moments before. This is absurd! Superman has super-hearing therefore he would have notice how nervous she becomes only if he haven´t notice the bomb first.

But going on with the kidnaping thing, Lex is some kind of evil genius that manages too kidnaped both Superman´s mother and girlfriend. While in the meantime Batman is creating a whole arsenal out of the littlest of the pieces of kryptonite.

And since I am talking about the kryptonite I must say that here is the biggest of the absurd. While in Marvel they are consistent with the TV shows and the movies, for example in the TV shows events of the Avengers movies are mentioned and take into account and follow the story line, same for the movies with the events of the TV show. In DC they completely forget about all things related to the show, ok so for the sake of this storyline they´ve decided to forget about Flash and Legends of Tomorrow I can understand (kind of) that the forget all of them. But certainly they cannot forget about Supergirl! In the TV show the events of Man of Steel are a fact, in Supergirl show Kryptonite is a well-known weapon against Kriptonians and aliens are all over the place. Here aliens are not known, kryptonite appears in the weirdest possible way… I must stop talking about this cause it makes me so angry.

The battle between Batman and Superman was awful, I was expecting something spectacular but it was full of crap. Suddenly Superman had all the advantages but then… The advantages were at Batman side (who by the way with that weird suit looks like a Lego character). However, not caring about the fact that the fight was such a big disappointed, Lois arrived and saves him. And all of the sudden Batman and Superman are friends and Batman saves Superman´s Earth mother, because she is name like his own mother.

Lois, in such an intelligent move, decides to thrown the last of the kryptonite weapons into some kind of lake. And I have to say at this point I was so excited, cause I was thinking that Aquaman was about to appear and helped them but no. However Superman goes to the Kriptonian ship and find out that Lex has created a Monster, which apparently was forbidden by the Kriptonian laws. Superman faces the monster, which was created with General Zod remains, by the way. And it was so weird and creepy. What´s that an Aliombie (Alien+ Zombie)? Or maybe a Zomlien (Zombie+ Alien)?

And to finish the movie Wonder Woman arrives and saved the day. Oh and they killed Superman. And they a massive funeral with an empty casket.  All so… I don´t even know how to called it. And the ring… and all of the sudden Bruce is sad by Superman death. ARRGGG!! And the open ending. Don´t even get me started on the ending…

For me, is pretty clear that DC was trying to create a franchise such as Marvel has done. But where Marvel has done the right thing by separating TV from movie DC “has failed this city”. As I was saying earlier, Flash is Flash and not Ezra Miller, and actually I think they´ve got everything wrong. They could have created such an amazing movie having two of the most loved superheroes of all times. But they went to dark, with a really bad scrip that won´t allowed the actors deliver anything right, cause the scrip and I am really sorry to say this (mostly because the screenwriter is the same from The Dark Night and that film was AMAZING) was pure shit.

I was so excited for this movie and it´s been a huge down. A superheroes movie needs to have action. Also the fact that tis had nothing to do with the style of Superman previous movie, again DC had lost against Marvel, where Marvel has manage to maintain the essence of all the individual movies in the collective ones, DC has created something awful. I really wanted to love this movie, but it´s impossible.

Honestly, right now I don´t even know if I want to see the Suicide Squad movie anymore. It´s pretty obvious to me that DC environment isn´t the theaters but TV and Marvel is winning the game.

Have you watched the movie already? What are your thought on it? Did you even liked? Leave a comment down below.

See you all soon.

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