March 20, 2016

Clockwork Angel

How could I ever forget how much I love this book? How I let such a long time since I last read this book? I tend to forget that Cassandra Clare is such an amazing writer and most likely the reason for that is that the movie and the TV show are nothing like the books. While I was re-reading Clockwork Angel I felt compelled to keep reading even when I´ve already knew what was going to happen. I find it to be amazing the fact that you can keep going back to a story and it feels like going back home.

I am going to be talking about all the stuff that happen in this book so if you haven´t read the book yet and you do not want to be spoiled I will recommend you to leave now. But before you leave I am going to say that I strongly recommend you to read this book because it’s so much fun. Is not just that I enjoyed the book it´s that while reading   I was laughing in most of the pages. The sarcastic comments exchange by Will and practically everyone else were so funny but there is much more than just a few comments per page is something that you will only understand once you´ve read the book. This book is one of a kind and of course I gave it 5 out of 5 stars once again.

As I said if you keep reading you might be spoiled.

So the first thought I have while reading the books is that Tessa is so naïve. I wouldn´t trust anyone unless my brother had previously told me that he would send some else to pick me up. I mean she is already in a foreign country and her brother did not tell her in advance that he was not to be there, she should off suspect of the intentions of the Dark Sisters.

As the story goes on we see the first encounter between Will and Tessa and I have to say it. Is the funniest first encounter I´ve ever read! I really love how this two meet for the very first time. And the best of it was that I´ve totally forgot how Henry and Will saved Tessa in the first place so it was a really nice re-discovered. I like how all is connected with the first scene in book in which we see both Jem and Will hunting some demon that apparently have killed a girl.

I have to say this cause my thought when Will met Tessa and they have their firs conversation were that Will loves himself so much. I mean it is pretty obvious that he is hot, and he must be aware of it but thanks to his comments I can see a clearly resemblance in the family. The high self-esteem must run in their genes, and this is a fact that can be also appreciated in The Bane Chronicles in the 3rd book of the series.

Moving on there is fight that all of the reader must be aware of and then we can see how unconfutable it is to see a Silence Brother for the very first time. However I can easily understand the impression that Tessa had of Brother Enoch and I pity her. 

It is pretty obvious that she is under a lot of pressure being thrown into the shadoworld for the very first time must be a total shock and if one of the firsts thing you see is a men that is mutilated…

Other of the things that I forgot was how amazing and funny Henry was. I mean the fact that he is kind of a mad scientist is so cool and I really love all thing related to his personality. Henry is one of the most likeable characters I´ve ever read about from the beginning to the end. I had so much fun re-reading the first dinner at the Institute when we get to meet everyone except for Jem who is sick. But going on which was I was just saying that part in which Henry said something in the line of: “Oh… I know you. You bite me”… I was laughing so hard for 5 minutes and probably more.

After the dinner Tessa meets Jem for the very first time and is really nice, to see how this pair met too. I really love Jem´s character, he is so opened and nice and cute. I wish I could take Jem out of the book and have it for me.

Jem is one of those persons that tries that everyone is comfortable even when he just met them and the best of all is that he made it. He answers Tessa questions and tries to make the thing easier for her.
Soon enough in the story we get to see that something is wrong with Jem, because of that little fell. And obviously Will arrives just in time to save the day (or to be fair the night). A few moments before of Jem feeling sick we have the chance to see a little bit of his friendship with Jem and how they prank each other. 

In the first real interaction between Jessamine and Tessa some might arrive to the conclusion that Jessamine is like Izzy, but let´s be honest. While Izzy is nice and worry about the people around her Jessamine is a pain in the ass.

Mortmain who at the end turns out to be The Magister is a jerk and I totally hated him from the very first moment he appears on the story.  There is not much more to say about him except for the fact that he is so mean and cruel and of course a criminal master does not say any in his favor. Is the kind of character that hasn´t any redeeming quality.

I´ve not talk yet about Charlotte the head of the institute and also one of the best characters. I really like her cause she is such a strong and independent women in a time in which those types of thing were obviously not as usual as now. I really like her relationship with her husband. I do not want to spoil anything from the next books I the Infernal Device series but I really have to say that is nice to see how those feelings they have for each other grows and how they grow not just individually but as a couple.

Also I liked how Clare is giving us descriptions about how London must have been during the Industrial Revolution, constantly describing thing but not going into the point in which we might get tired of it. She made it in a way in which you can felt into the story but not be overwhelmed with many details.

I really love all Henry´s attempts to make thing useful for the battlefield and much of them end up in disaster.

And other thing I love about this book is how Tessa is constantly growing as a person. We met her as scared little girl and we see her grown into a girl that is no longer so scared about everything.

I have to say that I don´t remember which book came out first, but in any case is so nice that Cassandra Clare is able to mixt some of the data that we see, again, in the 3rd book of The Bane Chronicles.

And how can I not love the conversation with the ducks on it? How can I not love Will´s sarcasm? How can anyone not love the understanding and the friendship between Will and Jem? 

There is not much left to say. Tessa use her power to help the Clave, get trick by her brother. All shadowhunters fell into a trap. Mortmain trick Will and Jem, and then Tessa trick him.

After Tessa trick the Magister Will thinks she is death and is so cute to see how much he cares about her already. I cannot stop saying this but I LOVE THIS BOOK.

I cannot wait to re-read the next one so I might change mi TBR for what´s left of the month and re-read the next books in this trilogy.  I highly recommend everyone to read re-read or just stare at the books (the covers are so pretty).

Have you read Clockwork Angel already? What are your thought on it? Leave a comment down below in the comment section.

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