March 25, 2016

Clockwork Prince

So as I said I´ve been doing a re-read of all the Cassandra Clare books in order to review them and being able to do full reviews. And once again I have to say that I am fully ashamed of myself for forgetting how much I loved these books for such a long time. I forgot how all the characters fits into the story so perfectly and how I can laugh in the middle of a dramatic moment cause Will, Tessa or even Henry made a comment that made my day.

Reading Clockwork Prince took me a little more than expected cause I´ve been devoted to the multi-reading thing, which I am going to leave now for a while, and my mom just bought me a book I´ve been meaning to read for such a long time and I have to stop all my other readings to read that one.

However, that I stopped for a couple of days didn´t mean that I wasn´t enjoying or loving this book. In fact I completely fell for it all over again. I was captivated for the story from the very first page of it. I love how Will goes into the cemetery and if you haven´t read the story you won´t fully understand the motives but once you´ve read it and know why he is how he is you can´t help but love him even more.

So once again I have to say that Cassandra Clare is such an incredible and talented writer. She manages to create an amazing story with characters that you can´t help but love. I love Charlotte and how strong she is. I love Henry and all of his inventions. Of course I love Magnus and Tessa. And I love Sophie. I love all of them. But the characters that I enjoyed the most are both Will and Jem.

Will and Jem represent a true friendship I which both care so deeply about and other. They are both meant so much to each other. The parabatai bond is so well portrayed between this two. We have a chance to see the parabatai thing with Jace and Alec in The Mortal instruments but are nothing like this two. I think the parabatai bond is much more important for the sake of this story to understand how much Will cares about Jem and vice versa.

From this point you will find some spoilers so if you go ahead is under your own responsibility.
So in this book we can see that Tessa is much more confrontable around the Shadowhunters. For me it fels like she wasn´t an outsider anymore. She is now part of the Institute family. And is so nice to see how she cares for them so much and how much all of them care for her.

One of the best things of these books is that it goes right into the action. The starting on the cemetery as I´ve previously mentioned and then, we see Magnus trying to help Will to undo his curse. That curse that he won´t tell anyone about, not even Jem. I consider that is such an intelligent way to portrait character that is three-dimensional.

Will is such a rich character. He seems to be so dark, and in the previous book we couldn’t know why he hides under all that sarcasm, especially when we know that sometimes he can be the sweetest boy ever. Will is acting in that despicable way for the most honorable of the reasons to protect those who he loves. He is going through so much pain all alone in fear. And it must be awful think that not a single person cares about you.

On the other side of Will we have Jem, who once again portraits the reason and the kindness that Will seams not to have. I also love Jem and especially I enjoy so much that we get to see much more of the character in this book. It´s not like he went to an extensive character development, he doesn´t need that. But we get to know him and I really love how Tessa can make him so happy even when that is making Will unhappy.

Tessa is the character that, in my opinion grows the most during this book. She is no longer the scared little girl we first meet when she arrived to the Institute. She has grown and she is much more independent. She is brave, not that she wasn´t earlier, but I think now is better portrayed. I consider that this development has a lot to see with the fact that she now knows that nothing should be taken for granted. And let´s be honest, I am positive that Jem has so much to do with it as well.

As the story goes on, we get to see that Charlotte is sad because all that she had on her plate, but also because of her marriage situation. Thinking that Henry didn´t love her. I love that scene at the end of the book in which they talked about their married and they both said how they felt. It´s so nice and cute. And of course I am really glad that they are having a baby. Even when the little shadowhunter might end up being named Buford.

I´ve said before but I do love Sophie. I like how she and Tessa had become friends and how the care and helped each other. I mean I remember that this was one of the things that surprised me the most when I first read the book. I really like how strong Sophie is, especially after all she has go trhough and I am so happy of this relationship that she might or might not be starting with Gideon Lightwood. Sorry I do not want to spoil anything for Clockwork Princess just yet.

And since I am already talking about the Lightwoods I shall say that I really like Gideon. He is so nice even at first you may think otherwise. And I felt sorry for him when he leaves his family but he does it for the greater good so he will be fine.

Gabriel continues to be a pain in the ass. But at least we finally see what happen between Will and his sister. Let me say just a thing: how can you still resentful for something that happens so many years ago? Both of them were just kids I think is time to grow up just a little bit.

As for Nate´s and Jessamine´s faith I will say it´s fair. Nate is such a jerk. He is the kind of character I do not like at all and actually, and even it might sound cruel, I was happy when I read about his death. As for Jessamine, she is so selfish and not caring about anyone but she so she deserves to be in the Silent City.

Benedict Lightwood better die soon as all the Magister partners. I just want the happily ever after to happen ASAP.

So for all that I gave this book, once again 5 out of 5 stars.

I could be talking about this book all day long. Actually I could be talking about all Cassandra Clare books all day long. But then this will be too long and I won´t be reading all that I wanted to read.
I am really looking forward to re-read Clockwork Princess and give you all my thoughts on it. But I might confess that this time I am enjoying the books much more than the very first time I read them.
What are your thoughts on Clockwork Princess and The Infernal Devices so far? Leave a comment down below.

See you all soon. 

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