March 28, 2016

Clockwork Princess

Every single time I end a Cassandra Clare book series I go through the same emotion. What could I possibly read to go over it? As I wrote this post, the tears stays with my just because all that I´ve just read in Clockwork Princess.

I am speechless, and that is not something I say often. This book deserves an entire constellation of stars as mark. It is not just a book with a beautiful writing style and an amazing story full of characters well developed, and the fair amount of action and romance. Is a book that also shows the progression as a writer that Cassandra Claire has gone through. So as I was saying I would give this book an entire constellation of stars as punctuation if I could. Sadly Goodreads only allows us to give 5 stars and that´s what I ended up giving all over again to this book.

I think is pretty obvious that I love this book and in the past reviews have been settled that I also love Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince (you can see both reviews by clicking in the titles of both books). I would really recommend everybody to read The Infernal Devices trilogy and if by any chance you´ve already read it, I would encourage you to re-read them cause this books are just so amazing.

I cannot really say that much without fear of spoil anything to anyone so if you haven´t read the book and you do not want to be spoil I highly recommend you to stop reading as this sentence comes to an end.

As I was just saying earlier this book is AMAZING. I really can see now (better that I did when I first read it) that all the characters are so well developed and even when I tend to be upset with happily ever after I´ve truly enjoyed this one. Both Jem and Will get to be with Tessa even when they don´t get a chance to be parabatai anymore. Is so hard breaking that I am in tears again just when I´ve managed to stop crying. But as Woolsey said in the book Tessa is so lucky because she has found not one but two true loves.

Will in this book show us all he have been hidden for the other two, even when all of us love him and know that he was honorable and so sweet. He proves that he care about those who he loves more than he cares about himself. That he is willing to spend his entire life in pain just to see the two people he loves the most being happy. And he still had that amazing personality in which he says the most inappropriate thing for the moment but you can help but love him. I am so happy that he speaks the truth and tells Jem that he has feeling for Tessa, even when the circumstances are nor the best nor made by Will himself. But I love that bond that he shares with Jem.

Jem is just the most amazing human being. He is so kind and loyal and lovable. I know I´ve said this before but I just can´t help but love his friendship with Will, he is there all the time and cares so much about him. He trusted him even when nobody did. Jem has always see the best in Will even when he didn´t. I think that that´s the best quality of him. And I truly admire his ability to sacrifice in order to give Will what he wanted.

This is very rare, but actually I like the main feminine character. She is strong and independent, and she really is, you can see that through her actions. Is not like other female characters that are described as strong and independent women but then are just the opposite. That said I also her desire to sacrifice all that she had (herself) to protect those who she loves. I really enjoyed how much she has grown through the course of the books. I would say that she goes through a serious character development. And as it happens to me whenever I read about Magnus it breaks my heart thinking that because she is immortal she has to say goodbye to every single person that she loves.

The Lightworm brothers as Will will called them are shown in this book much more than in the other two mainly cause now they both live in the Institute. I like how they show that there is no need to stay in the mistakes of the past. You can be your own entity regardless you family line. I like Gideon and his proposal to Sophie, is just so sweet. But the Lightwood that I enjoy the most in this book it has been Gabriel for sure. He is the one that has the biggest challenge; Gideon’s loyalty to the Institute was already proven in Clockwork Prince, instead Gabriel was an asshole.

Cecily, Will´s little sister might be the one to blame for the extensive development that Gabriel goes through. She is so funny and even when she is so much like her big brother she is her own character. AS Tessa says almost at the end of the book is so funny to see how she manages him and always end up wining whatever argument they have.

Charlotte and Henry are so in love in this book and is so nice until the end when Henry ends in a wheelchair and Charlotte held herself responsible for it. I´ve really like how Henry is much more attentive with his wife now that he knows that she loves him. And I still love how unware about what happens with the rest of the world.

Since I am talking about Henry I cannot omit a comment about the part of the book that I consider to be the funnier. Gideon says that as Charlotte will he will support Sophie for the Ascension that his father friends will support whatever he says cause how will they married otherwise. Everybody is shock and has perfectly understood what Gideon means except for Henry of course. Henry thinks Gideon wants to marry with one of his father friends!

Charlotte is tested in this book. She goes through a lot while she is pregnant. She still has to run the institute but the Consul is not ok with her having so much power so he is trying to discredit her by all means possible. At the end it´s obvious that she had been right all along.

I really don´t know what else to say except that this book is INCREADIBLE and that I cannot believe that I´ve forgot that for such a long time. This story deserves to by among my favorites ones and you can see it place it there by clicking here. I mean I was trapped by the story for the very first page of it. That´s a very common aspect of all Cassandra Clare books, it´s part of her style. However as we can see that in this series we can also see how her stile is improving by the pages: every single page is better than the previous one. Clockwork Princess jumps right into the action and the rhythm of the narration is just perfect. And that ending is just… I do not have word to describe it because is beyond perfect.

Have you guys read The Infernal Devices series? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Leave your comets down below.

See you all soon. 

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