March 7, 2016

My favorite books

Obviously today is not Friday, but since is the first day of the blog, I am sick at home and I do have time I´m bringing to you the very first post of the blog that is actually related to books.

So as I´ve said in the previous post I am a huge reader and my favourite genre is fantasy, therefore most of the books in this list are going to belong within that genre. I have to say that if a book belongs in a saga the most likely thing is that the entire saga belongs in this list. So let´s get started!

1. The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss

These books are absolute perfection beginning with the beautiful writing and going on with the amazing story. I remember reading The Name of the wind because one of my best friends compelled me to do it and I am so glad that she did it. And the most surprising thing about this book I discovered while searching for the publication date of the third and last book in the trilogy. Apparently, The Kingkiller Chronicle was rejected by several publishers before the first book was published. I guess this one of those cases in which those publishers who said no are now regretting it so hard.

As all the fans I am waiting for the third book to be released and hopefully that will happen soon.  It will probably be as good as The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man´s Fear if not better, cause that´s what Rothfuss do improving as the story goes.  

2. Prefume: The Stroy of a Muderer by Patrick Süskind

I consider this book to be one of the greatest books of all the history of the literature, and that´s saying a lot. It´s so well written that I can sense the smells the writer is describing. It is actually very shot book, I think is not more than 120 pages, however it tells so much, and this proves that quality wins over quantity.
3. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
I´ve first read this series a while ago and it´s not been until recently that I´ve rediscovered it. This series is among these favorites because it shows a huge developing of the author as a writer, because the characters are so well constructed and because I just love the story. You can read reviews for all the books in the saga by clicking in the titles just behind this paragraph.

4. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I read this book because it was all over BooktTube and everybody was talking so good about that I decided to read it. The timing was perfect I was starting the Holydays by the time I bought it so I could really sit and enjoy the storytelling. The plot is amazing and I cannot wait for A Torch against the Night to come over and continue to discover Laia´s and Elias´s storyline.

5. The Red Rising series by Pierce Brown

Yes, I do have to recognise that I started with the trilogy because the author was hot, however I knew that I was going to love the plot, and I did it. It took me like 150 pages to love the story but it is a very complex world and it takes a while to introduce the reader to all the things. The writing and the storyline are so compelling and actually I didn´t realized how much I loved the story until the end, in which moment I need a whole week to process the entire thing. I still have to read the final book so, as soon as I read it a reviw will happen.

6. Los Buscadores by Luis Montero Manglano

As I´ve previously said I am Spanish and Spanish author has to make it into the list. I don´t know whether this trilogy is published in non-Spanish speaking countries or not, but if it is I highly recommend you to read it. It´s not just a beautiful writing is the amazing story that has adventures, history, romance and some fantasy as well. Actually I consider these books to have a little bit of something for everyone.

And here is where this list ends. I will continue posting as I am reading and adding more of my favourite stories of all times as I have some time. Of course this list might change through time. I would love to do specific reviews about all the books in this list, when those reviews are post I will leave the link so you can go and check it. 

Now I would like to know some of your favourite books, leave them in the comment section down below.

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