March 31, 2016


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It´s Friday again and I am bringing you a new review. Today I am going to be talking about Passenger by Alexandra Braken, a book that I´ve love from the first ´til the last page and which of course had a 5 out of 5 stars.

First of all, I have to say that before Passenger I hadn´t read anything by Alexandra Braken and it´s been a discovery. I am really looking forward to start reading The Darkest Minds series as soon as I purchased it and as soon as I finish a couple of the other series that I am currently reading.

But going back to Passenger, I have to say that is amazing. The book start so strong and I was afraid that due that it would be a huge disappointment but, no! The rhythm of the book is just perfect. It goes fast when it needed to be and it goes slow when necessary and that makes the story so unique. Besides I just have to say two words: time-travel and pirates (even though they are legal pirates).

The story is narrated in third person but from the point of view of two characters. I really like this, you get to know pretty much everything about the main character but you still intrigue about what´s going to happen because you do not have much intel about what the antagonist thinks. And the other thing that I truly enjoyed was the fact that Nicholas represents a huge diversity as a character.

I love how the history takes place in the story as a conductor of the narration. I mean I think that there is not a single thing that I dislike about this book. Except from Rose, but I won´t tell you why just yet because I do not want to spoil anything. So If you haven´t read the book yet go read the book and then come back so we can discuss it.

So as I was saying the only thing that I dislike is Rose, Etta´s mother; but is not a thing about the writing or anything like that. Is just that I can´t understand her. She is, or at least seems to be quite selfish. Is not what I would expect of a mother. Maybe is the fact that the reasonable thing and what I am used to read is a mother that put her kids above everything else. It seems that she is putting first the greater good but I am not so sure about it.

As I said before, I really like Nicholas. I think is so refreshing to see a main character like him, because, at least I have never read a black main character. And in this context is even better, because he is used to be treated in certain way and he is so surprised when he finds out that Etta is not like the rest. And I do not think that is just because she has grown in other century I am pretty sure that it would be the same if she was raised sometimelse. Through Nicholas I think that Alexandra Braken shows us that all of us are people no matter what. And I really like that aspect.

Etta is the other main character and is cool to see how shocked she is when she found herself in the Eighteen Century. I think her reaction is pretty much the one that everyone would have if seemed itself thrown into the situation. And after the initial shock she tries to adjust. She is now in a society in which being a woman is not the best. I like how strong she is and how she is willing to forget Nicholas after he lied to her, because let´s be honest, her lie was one pretty obvious.

Talking a bit about the rest of the known travelers I would like to say that I enjoyed reading Sophie´s parts because she is how she is because all that she has gone through in live and she is so ambitious. I like when an author is able to portrait the good and the bad in all the characters and not make the good ones perfects and the bad ones just the incarnation of Satan. In this novel I can see this in very clear way for all the characters, but especially for Sophie, as I was just Saying and Nicholas because he has a lot of flaws, and those flaws along with all his strengths are what make him such a lovable character.

I also would like to call your attention and say that time-traveling is such a paradox. I mean there is the fact of changing the past to change the future and all of that. But I really find Alexandra Braken´s explanation the best of which I’ve read. All travelers can change the past, and that will affect the future they know so in doing it they will lose what they had but not their memories of having it and of course It won´t affected they being birth cause in that way they wouldn´t be able to make the change. In the author´s words sound much better but I think everybody gets my point.

I hugely recommend everyone to read this book. Cause is truly amazing and I have enjoyed it very much. I love the writing style, the story and of course the characters.

Have you read Passenger? What are your thoughts on the book? Leave a comment down below so we can discuss the book.

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