April 30, 2016

Wrap Up April 2016

Hello everyone,

Here I am once again. Today as is the last day of April I am binging you my April Wrap Up, or all the books I read during the month of April.

This month I´ve read a total of 17 books. I thought I will be reading less but as is been proven I am a reading machine and that I read a lot. And I am quite happy with my reading this month cause I feel like I´ve read pretty good books, even when at the end of the moth the things were not so cool. Without further do, let´s get started.

I read nine out of ten of these novellas this month, as you may know I read Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy during March. I´ve really enjoyed these novellas, because they allow me to reconnect with all those characters that I think were long gone.  I am not going to say much more about these because I posted a full review, that you can see by clicking on the title. However I have to say that my favorite is Born to the Endless Night. Bit don´t worry because I won´t be spoiling you. 

But just so you know, all this novellas are so much fun to read, I average I gave them 4.5 out of 5 stars

This month I´ve read a lot of novellas. Is a fun read and because they are so little I get to read more stories. A Reaper of Stone was such a fun and quick read. Basically this one is the first novella of a series. A new novella is publish each month which I found it to be such an interesting way of telling a story, ok the books are shorter but the waiting between one book and the next is shorter as well. You can read my full review by clicking on the title.

For me this book was a very fun fantasy reading. I think you will like either if you are a lover of the fantasy genre or not. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

This book hasn´t come out yet but I could read it thanks to the kindness of The Killiorn Group and its author. I´ve really enjoyed this book and I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. As I said on my post, which you can see by clicking on the title, this book is such a quick read and for me is one of those readings that you will enjoy especially during the summer.

I did not like this book. In fact I gave 2 out of 5 stars. I wrote an extensive review about it which you can see by clicking on the title.

To sum up I will say that his ideas are interesting, but in my opinion not possible.

This was one of my favorite readings of the month. It was so short and such a quit read; as well as entertaining and surprising. Until I read this book I hadn´t read anything by this author but it was a very pleasant surprised. I wrote a full review about it; you can check it by clicking on the title.

I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

This book is one of my all-time favorites and that´s the reason why I decided to re-read it. I fell in love with these characters once again and gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

However this time there was something new in the reading. I realized that the world-building is so magnificent, and also that there are some details that are given that later on will be key to the plot. I wrote a full review that you can read by clicking in the title.

This book was beyond Amazing. It´s incredible how much I love everything that Cassandra Clare writes. In this occasion we get to meet a whole new ensemble of characters that are so rich. I think that this happens because the world building is all done already for the previous series. I wrote a full review which you can read by clicking on the title.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. And as a matter of fact I like Jules even more than Will Herondale, and I am not kidding.

The fire Sermon by Francesca Haig

I will be posting a full review for this book but for now I will tell you that The Fire Sermon was one of the greatest disappointments that I´ve ever had. I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars, and I will explain all my reason on my review.

The Map of the Bones by Francesca Haig

This book was the reason why I read The Fire Sermon. I requested for review and Simon & Schuster was kind enough to give me an early copy. I cannot say anything about The Map of the Bones because I don´t want to spoil anything. But I gave it 2 out of 5 stars. However if, you´ve liked The 

Fire Sermon I am positive you will like this one, that comes out May 3rd.

Sudden Mission by Guy L.Pace

I think this story is actually quite good but I haven´t like it. The writing style was so good and there were several parts in which I was so scared. And as matter of fact I read the story in one sitting. But this wasn´t a book for me, if I would have read it when I was younger I would have love it.

The writing style was so good and the religious elements of the plot were introduced so well into the plot. Overall I think that this book deserves 3 out of five stars.

Those are all the books that I´ve read during April. What books have you read? DO you have any recommendations?

Finally I will do an announcement. During May and June I am going to be super busy: in one hand I have all my finals and, on the other hand, I´ve been granted with an Erasmus Scholarship so I have to do a lot of paperwork. Therefore I will be posting less but I will try to post at least once a week. And because I am going to be so stressed I will not be doing for any of those months a TBR, I´ve enough tasks to do, and if I have a TBR I will be doing myself reading those books instead of those for which I am in the mood for. But if you want to know what I´ll be reading you can check it here on my Goodreads shelves. And if you want you can as well add my as a friend to check how my reading is pregressing. 

That´s all for todays post.

See you all soon.

April 29, 2016

Lady Midnight

Hello Everyone,

Have I ever told you how much I love Cassandra Clare books? I think I have, but in case I haven´t let me tell you. Cassandra Clare is such an amazing writer that handles to create a book better than the previous one when I thought that wasn´t possible.

I was really excited to read Lady Midnight, and it didn´t disappoint. It shows so clearly the progression of Cassandra Clare as a writer. The world building was less important so she could focus in the characters, their development and the story, which was so rich and full of turns that will shocked you. Certainty I was shock.

The story is so entertaining. I was compelled to keep reading for the very first page until the last one. And there was a short story about Claire and Jace and all of the characters of The Mortal Instruments series. I won´t say that much because I don´t want to spoil anything.

And with regard to the characters I have to say that Cassandra has made an amazing job because these characters are so rich. And I never thought I would ever say this but I like Julian so much that I think he might be a rival to Will Herondale. Yes, I can´t believe I´ve said that, but it´s the truth. My favorite female in the shadowhunter world still being Tessa but seriously Jules…

And I´ve really love how the whole Blackthon family have been introduce to us in such a subtle way first through The Mortal Instruments and then in Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy. And since I mention this I highly recommend reading them before reading this because there are some events that are related and it will be a good  idea and a very fun read.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and I am really looking forward to the next two books in the series are released because I CAN´T  wait to see what´s going to happen net. Though it will be also nice to have the first book The Last Hours series. Actually I will be happy with any book by Cassandra Clare.

For those of you who don’t know what The Las Hours is, I will tell you that is a new trilogy happening in London after The Dark Artifices happen and that will be featured by one of the kind of Will and Tessa and one of the kids of Charlotte and Henry. You can learn a little more either reading Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (you can read my review by clicking here) and one of the stories in The Bane Chronicles (which you can read my review by clicking here) or just going to Cassandra Clare website by clicking here

That all that I can say without spoiling you, so if you haven´t read yet Lady Midnight and don´t want to be spoiled I will highly recommend you leave now, read the book and then come back so we can discuss it.

For most of this book I was either shock or thinking how cute Julian and Tavy were. I have loved this book and I really think is the best that Cassandra has written. I even think I like it better than Clockwork Princess that so far was my favorite.  I think this happens simply because now we all are familiar with the mythology of this world and we do not need so much world building anymore. And the fact that all the protagonist of the story are familiar with the Shadow in world; they are a part of it.

Emma is a great main character though I miss the humor that Will and Jace used to give, because certainly Jules is not going to be the sarcastic character. From such a young age he had to act like a parent. I really enjoyed to see how much he loves his siblings and how he would do anything for them.

Julian is such a rich character because he has several faces. In one hand he is a kind in love and on the other had he is an adult responsible to run an Institute and take care of four children plus Mark when he arrives.

And since I mentioned Mark I will talk about him. I like how he is obviously affected by everything that had happen to him during the years in Fairy but how he is trying to overcome all. He is brave and as Julian and possible all Shadowhunters willing to do anything for those who he loves. And as a matter of fact I found that he was the one delivering the funny lines and the funny things that happen in this book happen usually when he was either around or in charge.

I also like how Cassandra Clare is not afraid to show us different types of characters regarding their sexuality, which actually is quite refreshing and even though, apparently there are so many books talking about gay relationship, I haven´t read about a bisexual character.
The Fair Folk have such brutal costumes and they want to flogger Mark because Kieran is just an idiot. And Julian tries to be punished instead of him, but finally is the reckless Emma who takes the punishment. And yes I said reckless because she is. But I fell so sorry for her and I really have loved her as a protagonist.

Emma might not be as we are used to in these series; because as I said I miss the funny things, but I am well aware that apparently The Dark Artifices might be darker than either The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices. Emma has gone though so much she and the others were just kids when the Dark War happen and she and Julian had to do some killing in order to protect the little ones, so of course this two haven´t had the brighter childhood that Clary or Tessa or even Will might had had.

I love how all the characters that still alive play a visit. And I really love how thing have gone for Jace and Clary and for Magnus and Alec. And how Alec and Clary had finally became friends. AND SIMON AND IZZYY ENDGAMENT!!!

And do not even think that I’ve forgot about the whole romance in this book. The romance is so good and I like it because is forbidden. But for once the Clave have forbidden thing because it has to be like that because to prevent a greater evil. I was so surprised when Jem tell everything to Emma. And how Tessa intervened and told her that to cease to love someone is impossible, but you can make them hate you, just as Will did.

The end was shocking for many reasons. First because their friend Malcom have betrayed the LA Institute; but not only them but Magnus, Tessa and Catarina. The end was shocking because the Lost Herondale appears (read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy for further information). And because Mark have embrace his inner fairy after seeing Cristina and Perfect Diego kissing. And because Emma broke Julian’s hard and plans to do it even more. And because after all Annabel Lee is awaken.

I can´t wait a year to read Lord of Shadows but I will have to. By the way, Tavy is the cutest 
shadowhunter ever!!

What are your thoughts on Lady Midnight? Are you looking for the first book in the Last Hours series to be released? Leave a comment down below so we can discuss.

See you all tomorrow when I´ll post my Wrap up.

Lady Midnight

Hola a tod@s,

Creo que no lo digo lo suficiente, pero ADORO los libros de Cassandra Clare. Para ser honesta tengo que decir que pienso que es una escritora increíble que es capaz de hacer que cada libro que publica sea mejor que el anterior (si es que eso es si quiera posible).

Estaba deseando leer Lady Midnight y la verdad es que no me ha decepcionado. Este libro muestra de una manera muy clara la progresión de Cassandra Clare como escritora. Además en esta ocasión la construcción del universo no es algo tan importante  de manera que puede centrarse en los personajes y en el desarrollo de la historia mucho más que en cualquiera de los otros libros del universo de Cazadores de Sombras. Y gracias a eso, la historia es muy rica y está llena de giros que no esperas, 
desde luego que a mí me sorprendió e más de una ocasión.

La historia es muy entretenida y, yo no podía parar de leer; era un empezar y no poder parar. De hecho cuando me quedaba un poco menos de la mitad hice un maratón hasta que me acabé el libro a las cinco de la mañana. Además, al menos en la edición que yo tengo (que es la que te traen en la Casa del Libro si la encargas) hay una pequeña historia sobre Jace y Clary y el resto de los personajes de Los Instrumentos Mortales.

Sobre los personajes que aparecen en Lady Midnight tengo que decir que Cassandra Care ha hecho un trabajo increíble, porque estos personajes son bastante profundos. Además, nunca pensé que fuera a decir esto, pero Julian me gusta más que Will Herondale.  Pero de cualquier manera mi personaje femenino favorito dentro del universo de Cazadores de Sobras sigue siendo Tessa, pero en serio, Jules…

La verdad es que me ha encantado toda la familia Blackthorn, a la que fuimos conociendo poco a poco a través de Los Instrumentos Mortales y Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. Y ya que lo menciono, recomendaría leer Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy antes de  leer Lady Midnight, porque la verdad es que hay algunos elementos de algunos relatos que están relacionados con lo que pasa en este libro.

Creo que Lady Midnight se merece 5 de 5 estrellas y la verdad es que estoy impaciente por leer los siguientes dos libros de la trilogía porque no puedo esperar a ver hacia dónde va la historia. También estaría bien tener ya el primer libro de la trilogía The Last Hours. La verdad es que sería feliz teniendo cualquier libro de Cassandra Clare ya.

Para aquellos que no sepan qué es la Trilogía The Last Hours os diré es que es una nueva trilogía que, al parecer, tendrá lugar después de los eventos de Cazadores de Sobras: Los Orígenes. Los protagonistas serán los hijos de Will y Tessa y Charlotte y Henry. Y si no podeis esperar a conocer a todo estos personajes, podéis leer sobre ellos en Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy.

¿Habeis leído Lady midnight ya? ¿Estais deseando que llegue? ¿Alguna pregunta? Dejad un cometario. 

Nos vemos pronto. 

April 28, 2016

Trilogia Los Buscadores

¡Bendita Feria del Libro que me permitió descubrir esta maravillosa historia! Por eso me encanta pasear entre las casetas y descubrir pequeñas o grandes joyas: este años descubrí dos y, entre ellas la trilogía de Los Buscadores de Luis Montero Manglano. Esta historia esta compuesta por: La Mesa del Rey Salomón, La Cadena del Profeta y La Ciudad de los Hombres Santos.

Fue una experiencia de lo más interesante. Encontré el libro cuando estábamos saliendo de la Feria, me llamó la atención y, resultó que el autor estaba ahí. Estuve hablando un rato con él y, la verdad es que fue muy agradable. Pero, lo mejor de todo es que me llevé La Mesa del Rey Salomón firmado.

El caso es que empecé a leerlo y, rápidamente estaba atrapada en el universo de Tirso Alfaro y el resto de buscadores. El primer libro lo leí en apenas cuatro días y, el segundo me amenizó la neumonía.

Una historia con un estilo de narración único que provoca que no puedas parar de leer y, que sientas una empatía especial con el  protagonista.

La historia empieza con un joven intentando trabajar en su tesis doctoral en Canterbury. El pobre es testigo de un robo y, a partir de ahí todo empieza a complicarse. Tirso se ve envuelto en un millón de situaciones inverosímiles. Desde ahí la historia evoluciona en libros autoconclusivos, pero que no dejan de estar estrechamente conectados.

Tengo que decir que Luis Montero Manglano es un GENIO y, sí, con mayúsculas. Va dando pequeñas pistas  que al ser leídas por primera vez hacen que las pases por alto pero, mientras lees el tercer libro reparas en ese pequeño detalle que antes te había parecido tan insignificante  y, hace que te quieras dar de golpes contra una pared por no haberte dado cuenta de todo antes.

Una de las coas que más me gusta es que los héroes que se nos presentan no son el prototipo de héroe al que estamos acostumbrados. Son personas normales que con mucho tesón e inteligencia resuelven los problemas que se les presentan. Otra cosa que me ha gustado mucho ha sido la manera en la que se relacionan diversas ramas del conocimiento; esto es porque cuando estaba en el colegio, tenía un profesor (probablemente el mejor que nunca he tenido) que decía que lo nunca llegaríamos a un emplazamiento histórico y nos pondríamos a hacer ecuaciones. La verdad es que Los Buscadores han desmontado el argumento de ese profesor.

Podría seguir diciendo un millón de cosas buenas. Probablemente podría escribir un libro del mismo grosor que La Ciudad de los Hombres Santos (655 páginas) ero supongo que es mejor que pase a hacer un análisis un poco más detallado. En este análisis habrá spoilers así que si seguís leyendo es bajo vuestra responsabilidad.

Lo primero que quiero decir es: ¡BRAVO! Escribir historias autoconclusivas pero que, de alguna manera estén conectadas. Me encantan, como ya he dicho, esas pequeñas pistas que el señor Manglano va dejando a lo largo de los tres libros y, que aunque parezca en un principio que son tres búsquedas distintas en realidad sea solo una. También me gusta mucho que los tres libros comiencen y acaben de la misma forma, como un especie de hilo conductor que hace a las veces de estribillo.

En este punto tengo que hacer un alto y decir que he encontrado una ligera similitud con el Mito de la Caverna de Platón. Seguro que os estaréis preguntando qué clase de locura se me paso por la cabeza mientras escribo esto, pero no es un momento de locura transitoria ni nada de eso. Si nos paramos a reflexionar durante un par de segundos podemos darnos cuenta de que: Tirso es un buscador, puede que sea de objetos, pero realmente lo que quieren todos los buscadores son respuestas y, ¿qué son las respuestas sino sabiduría e iluminación? Sin embargo, y hasta aquí llegan las similitudes con la filosofía platónica, Tirso decide que no quiere conocer todas las respuestas, una decisión que finalmente es acertada, ¿qué es la vida sin una nueva búsqueda? Y, creo que eso queda perfectamente representado con el final que sufre Lilith.

Quiero hablar también sobre los personajes: de algunos lo haré de una manera más general que de otros y, espero no olvidarme de ninguno. Una de las cosas que más me ha gustado es que puedes saber quién habla sin necesidad de leer ninguna aclaración: cada uno de los personajes tienen una manera especial y propia, aunque algunos más que otros (Enigma, Alfa y Omega).

El primero del que voy a hablar, como no podía ser de otra manera, es de Tirso Alfaro o Faro, el protagonista. Es el quien narra y, he de confesar que ha habido momentos en los que estaba metida tan de lleno en la historia que me he llevado un par de  sustos pensando que habían atado a Tirso o que lo iban a hacer (después de leer Juego de Tronos, uno sabe que los protagonistas nunca están a salvo), pero claro, luego me daba cuenta de que es Tirso quien cuenta la historia y, lo hace en algún momento del futuro, por lo que volvía a respirar tranquila y seguía leyendo. No es el típico héroe al que estamos acostumbrados, como he dicho antes. El chico tiene sus limitaciones y,  es consciente de ellas pero, gracias a su continua negativa a rendirse supera todo. No es el tipo mas listo, pero sí el que casi siempre (con ayuda de sus amigos) resuelve las cosas; tampoco es el tipo más fuerte y, sin embargo, siempre sale vivo de todos los líos en los que se mete. Es interesante ver cómo no se da cuenta de que su madre, aunque a su manera, le aprecia mucho más de lo que el piensa. La verdad es que al final la doctora Jordán nos sorprende a todos.

Burbuja/Bruno/Señor Burgos, sin lugar a ninguna duda el personaje con más identidades de toda la saga. Al principio parece que no soporta a Tirso, pero poco a poco le va cogiendo cariño (todos sabemos que bajo esa coraza de tipo duro se esconde un pedacito de pan). Es uno de mis personajes favoritos. Es un soldado, ta y como es definido en el libro, siempre siguiendo las ordenes de quienes están al mando. Cuando le nombran Director del Cuerpo de Buscadores hasta sentí pena por él. Al final resulta ser un tipo muy leal, es la clase de amigo que a mí me gustaría tener y, que gracias a Dios tenido alguno que otro del estilo, eso sí: ninguno es experto en pelea cuerpo a cuerpo; que yo sepa, no saben utilizar armas y, tampoco tienen dos licenciaturas y un doctorado (aún). hubo un momento en el tercer libro (sí, los que lo hayáis leído ya sabéis de qué os estoy hablando antes incluso de que lo diga), cuando lo mataron que me entró una llantina de proporciones importantes (puede ser que los exámenes me tuvieran más sensible que de costumbre, pero no creo que fuera eso), ¡menos mal que el Hombre Verde andaba por allí!

En la otra cara de la moneda, tenemos a Danny, la hermana de Burbuja. Es mucho más ingenua e influenciable y, tiene ese punto de egoísmo y ambición que, a mí, me resulta muy molesto. No me malinterpretéis, me gusta como esta escrito el personaje, pero no me gusta ella: me cae mal. Y no tiene nada que ver con los sucesos finales, me caía mal desde le principio. Puede que tenga que ver con el misterio del que pretende verse rodeada o qué sé yo pero, no es un misterio simpático como Enigma.

Y ya que menciono a Enigma, la otra chica miembro del Cuerpo de Buscadores. Es un personaje tan bien escrito que te hace querer saber más de ella; yo sigo queriendo saber su nombre. Podría escribirse un trilogía sobre ella (yo sólo doy ideas) y, probablemente seguiría siendo un misterio, como su nombre indica. Fuera de bromas, es junto con Yokai, de quien hablaré un poco más adelante, el personaje más positivo y con las frases más divertidas.

Narváez la verdad es que dura poco, ¿para qué negarlo? Sin embargo, todos hablan tan bien del Viejo, qué casi sientes que le conoces un poco más de lo que realmente lo haces. Eso sí, sólo le puede culpar así mismo de su muerte: esa confianza ciega es su perdición.

Tesla es el primero de los traidores, pero también es el primer amigo de Tirso dentro del Cuerpo. Debo confesar que su traición me dolió.

Los gemelos Alfa y Omega, ayudan al Cuerpo falsificando obras de arte. Son como un sólo personaje dividido en dos mitades. Son divertidos, aunque no intenten serlo y, su rasgo característico, el hablar introduciendo expresiones latinas y todo tipo de citas me paree de los más curioso.

Yokai/Nico es sin lugar a ninguna duda mi personaje favorito. es un adolescente de 16/17 años que ha vivido  una situación bastante complicada, sin embargo, eso no le frena. El joven hacker idolatra a Tirso y, me parece muy tierna la relación de amistad que se desarrolla entre ellos (gracias a Enigma, todo hay que decirlo).

Trueno, nos trae uno de los mejores momentos del libro reaparecer, dando pequeñas pistas de que es él, hasta que ya ni el propio Tirso lo puede negar. Me alegré mucho de saber que estaba vivo.

David Yoonah. es la mano derecha de Lilith y, creerme cuando os digo que desde la profesora Umbridge no le he tenido tanta tirria a un "malo secundario". 
Una manera interesante de unirlo todo, es la conclusión cuando descubrimos que Lilith es la madre de Danny y Burbuja. Una señora con cero instinto maternal, que manda asesinar a su propio hijo. Creo que el final que obtiene es más que justo. 

Una mención especial, a la Mesa del Rey Salomón, que sin quererlo o queriéndolo se convierte en otro de los personajes. 

No puedo concluir esta reseña, llena de spoilers sin de decir que, el final cuando Tirso es nombrado Director del Cuerpo de Buscadores no me puede parecer más apropiado. 

Supongo que a estas alturas, todos sois capaces de deducir que ME ENCANTA esta trilogía y, que la recomiendo en todo los sentidos: esta bien escrita, los personajes están muy bien planteados, tiene aventura, historia, misterio, accion e incluiso, hasta un poco de romance. 

Cuando terminé el libro tenia sentimientos encontrados: por una parte estaba feliz porque me encantó la historia pero, por otra parte estaba triste porque ahora cunado vuelva para adentrarme en el mundo de los buscadores no será para descubrir una nueva búsqueda, si no que será para recordar un camino ya recorrido.

La puntuación de esta trilogía esta clara:

¿Vosotros habéis leído el libro? ¿Cuál es vuestra opinión? Dejad un comentario.

April 26, 2016

Red Rising

Hello Everyone,

I was in a kind of reading slump for almost half of the month and most likely the one to blame for it was The Blue Economy, which I reviewed last Friday. So I was not in the mood to read or even feel the need of it, but all of that vanished once I re-read one of my all-time favorites: Red Rising. For this review I am doing two parts: one spoiler free and another one with spoilers, but I will tell you when the spoiler section begins so you can quite reading if you don´t want to be spoil.

And before I start talking about the book let me tell you that my edition of this book is a Spanish one, so I might made some mistakes by translating literally some of the terms. Of course I´ve look for them first but as I did not own the book in English and I refuse to download it illegally I might made some mistakes for which I apologize in advance.

I first read this book almost a year ago. My parents gave it to me as my birthday present. The first time I read it, I thought it was amazing but now that I have re-read it in other to prepare myself for Morning Star I´ve realized that this is one of those stories that´s really carefully written. I became aware of some details that are clues to really important facts that will happen later on the story.

Also I realized how wonderful the world-building was. It might seem long; the action doesn´t start until you are quite far on the book, but it´s necessary. The world Pierce Brown has created is so rich and complex, full of various shades. The Society is so unfair but at the same time so fascinating. Obviously our history had happen before any of the events in the book takes place and yet humanity seems to forget all the mistakes believing that some are best than the others.

With regard to the writing style I have to say that maybe is not the most beautiful of all but certainly is so efficient. The sentences are short, but I think that has much to do with the fact that the main character is not someone who has spent his entire life studding. He was a slave and certainly he had so much more to worry about before caring about creating complicate grammar structures. However I, find the style to be so refreshing, and I´ve really enjoyed; plus for me, because of the narration it was so much easier to picture everything like a movie. This story would make an excellent movie franchise.

Red Rising take us into a future in which all the solar system had been colonize by the human kind, whose now are divided by its colors. The Golds are at the top and the Reds are the lower of the society, basically they are nothing. The story starts in Lico, one of the first colonies in Mars. We meet Darrow and learn that he is so proud of being a Helldiver. And I cannot say that much without spoiling you; but I will tell you that something happens and he end leaving Lico and became Gold.

I really would recommend you reading this book. I´ve read some reviews comparing Red Rising with the Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and even Star Wars. About the last one I cannot say a word because I haven´t watch the movies; about the Hunger Games and Game of Thrones comparison I could say that, yes there are some similarities but, I think compare them is not ok. For me this book cannot be compared to those stories as well as those stories cannot be compare to this one. Sure they have some common elements but those are not the defining characteristics for any of them.

As I was saying I strongly recommend reading this book, as a matter of fact I tell to everyone that they should read this book just five minutes after meeting them. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars once and I did it again. And I will do it next year when I re-read it.
That’s all for the spoiler free section so leave now if you haven´t read the book yet and don´t want to be spoiled. Read the book and then come back so we can discuss it.

All of those who don´t want to be spoiled have leaved already? Well then I can continue now.

So as I said earlier Darrow is a Helldiver and he and his fellow red companions work so hard to obtain the Laurel, which is something that will allow his clan to have more food. At the end turns out that is manipulate so the same will always win. Eo, Darrow’s wife, who knows him and realizes he is mad, so she takes him to see the sky. In doing so they both get caught and end up being punish to be flogged. Darrow is the first in received its punishment and then is Eo´s turn, but she sings the forbidden song and is condemned to death.

Eo´s death made Darrow to buried her and being condemn himself to the same faith that his wife except, because he did not die. His uncle drugs him and then he is taken by the Sons of Ares in order to transform him from red to gold to infiltrate in the Institute.

From that point we meet a lot of characters that are incredible. Even the minor characters are so deep. For example, we get to know Pax, who is one of my favorites characters in this book (and of course he dies) and we actually know him. This also happens for example, with Roque, but this is more noticeable in Golden Son.

In the Institute the golds have to pass a series of test that will prove them to be the best among them. Only the stronger survives and stays. Darrow had to kill Julian Au Belona, brother of his friend Casio. That secret is most likely what made everything at it is. All of the students had to kill someone to stay, but Casius get super mad when he finds out that his friend had killed his brother (which I can understand).

Jackel is an asshole; he is used to win and his father have bought him the victory in the game, so the proctors gave him the video of Darrow killing Julian and he gave it to Casius who  banishes Darrow and almost kill him. Luckily Mustang is around.

Getting to know Mustang is one of the best parts of the book. At first you might think that she is just like the rest of the golds but nothing further from truth. She is an idealistic and she is well aware of what´s wrong with the Society they life in. I like Mustang because she is a strong female character that´s not afraid of leadership but at the same time knows when there are someone that is more charismatic than she is.

Darrow has become some short of legend and he is, apparently the only one that might defeat the Jackal; and the proctors know that. That´s why some of them try to convince him to cease his attempt to win the game and, even killing him. And since I am talking about the proctors I have to say that I´ve really enjoy reading about Fitchner character, as well as reading his son Sevro. 

Sevro is one of those people that no one is meant to like, but I really like him. He is very loyal and that’s so admirable, considering that technically Darrow is a superior Gold and those have tried to kill him.

The end of the game is terrific because for a moment you can come to think that Darrow is not going to win and then he is. And the end of the book was even better than the end of the game with Arrow getting to be choosed by Virginia and Jackal father, Nero Augustus.

Nero Augustus is actually such a good character, in the sense that he represents all that´s bad with The Society that they life in. He is Gold and he is sure that all what they are doing is right and that they are meant to be at the top. And I think that´s the only reason why he chooses Darrow. 

The politics in Red Rising are interesting, but not even near with the politics in Golden Son. I am going to be re-reading Golden Son, probably next month if I do have time with all my finals happening. But seriously if you have enjoyed Red Rising and haven´t read yet Golden Son go and read it because is incredible. It´s so clear to me that Pierce Brown went to such a great development as an author from book 1 to book 2 that I can´t even begin to imagine how good is going to be Morning Star if the progression he had is even the half that he had in the past.

What are your thoughts on Red Rising? Leave a comment in the comment section. And of course don´t forget to subscribe if you have enjoyed this post. A new review will be posted on Friday.

See you all soon. 

April 23, 2016

4 Villains

Hello Everyone,

This is the last post for today. The World Book Day is coming to an end (sadly). And because usually bad things or sad things happen to and because of the villains in the books I thought it would be a fitting goodbye.

Villains are despicable for most of the book, and there are very few books that have villains in which we can deep into their past so we can know what they are how they are and why they do what they do. However there are some books that have the ultimate villains; those who make me feel sorry for them or even come to like them. These are those villains in no particular order.

Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray was one of the first classics I ever read and actually liked. I think is not just because I did it because I wanted to but because the book is focus on a character that is evil. But he is evil because he was corrupted by Lord Henry.

His actions lead him to the loss of his great love and all of his sings instead of being reflected on his body are reflected on the picture. Which actually is so good as a metaphor because proves that not All that glitters is not gold. Plus he is sol well written.

Lord Voldemort
Did his circumstances made him like he was or was he just that evil? Honestly I think Voldemort is one of those characters that was bad because he was bad and because of his circumstances. I was talking with my friend Carmen while deciding who was going to made it into the list and she told me that Voldemort was so evil because he just was it; then I remember that in the movies there is not much explanation about Voldemort´s past. Trust me had a trouble childhood, but I won’t elaborate further so I won´t spoil to anyone in case you haven´t read the books and are planning on doing.

What I will tell you is that Voldemort is evil and I cannot deny that, but he has been through a lot. And he also enjoys being evil so it’s kind of hard to understand him and I won´t try to. But he is so good in the role of the villain because he is so charismatic and convince a lot of people that his thought are right.

Bellatrix Lestrange

J.K. Rowling certainly created very good villains for Harry Potter. When with Voldemort it might be a doubt about why he is so evil whith Bellatrix there is no room for questioning. She is so genially bad. She enjoys torturing and killing either for her amusement or because Voldemort had told her to do so.

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is one of the greatest books that I´ve ever read, and of course is one of my all-time favorites. The way the smells are described in this book is unbelievable until the point in which you feel the smells. Jean-Baptiste is a misunderstood and he is treated so badly by everyone. And I think he is also kind of mad. But he is truly one of the greatest characters I´ve ever read about and probably in the history of the literature.

Those are my favorite villains, which ones are yours?

That´s been all for today. I hope you have enjoyed and that you have had a very bookish day.

See you all soon. 

23 Books and Emojis

Hello Everyone, 

The second of the promised posts is here. For this one I asked a few friends to send me the emojis they liked and with those emojis I will tell about books that I think about when see these emojis.

With no further do, let´s get started. 

 This emoji make me think of a book that made me roll my eyes. There are so many books that could fit in this category but the one that I liked better is The Selection by Kiera Cass. It made me roll my eye because sometimes I feel like the characters could do something smarter. But honestly I enjoyed this book so much.

This emoji reminds me of when I´ve done something and I do not want to be discovered. So for this book I will recommend one of my guilty pleasures. And that will be Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This book is so funny and such a quick read. 

This emoji looks like thinking to solve a mystery. A mystery book that I´ve enjoyed so much is Think of a Number by John Verdon is well written and the characters are so rich. The series goes on at least until the 5th book, but trust me and read just the first two. 

This emoji is the one that I used to express when I love something so much. So I will recommend you all a book that I love so much and that would be Passenger by Alexandra Braken. This book is about time travel and the romance is so good. You can read my full review clicking here

This is one of my favorite’s emojis; it´s just so cute, and represent one of my favorite things in the world: sleeping. For this emoji I am going to tell you a book that makes me want to go to bed because I consider it to be boring and that would be Eeny Meeny by M.J.Arlidge. I am so sorry to say that but I just can´t with this book.

This emoji is probably the one that I used the most. I used it when I´ve proved that I am right. So for that I am going to tell a book I knew how it was going to end from the beginning. And that would be The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey. 

A book that let me speechless was with no doubt at all Golden Son by Pierce Brown. You might have notice that I love this series, mostly because I talk about it all the time, but these books are just incredible, and the ending of Golden Son let me, as I´ve said, speechless. I still have to read Morning Star but I´ve heard nothing but good things about it so I am really looking forward to read that one, as soon as I have re-read this one. 

This emoji, in my opinion express satisfaction and a book I was satisfied I finished was Le Lys dans la Vallée by Hononrée Balzac. I was so happy when I completed this book; it was the first book I´ve ever read in French and I even when I did not enjoy this book as much as I enjoy others I am really happy I read it. 

This is my favorite emoji of all times. It represents me so well and I think it´s so cute. So for this emoji I am going to tell you to read my favorite book of all times: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. 

This emoji is clearly on fear. And I will say that the very first time that I read harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I was terrified, I don’t know why. 

A book that I literary kiss when I got it was Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. But I kissed the book for a very good reason. I order the book in a famous book store from my city that sometimes imports books and Lady Midnight was one of those fortunately. But the first time they misplaced my order and then it took them a while to bring my book: so when I finally got the book I kissed it.

This emoji is obviously so strong so I will recommend a book in which the main character is strong. For this one I am going to choose Clockwork Princess. In the final book of The Infernal Devices Tessa has gone through some major character development and she is really so strong. I do not want to spoil anything, so I will tell you to read the book and if you want you can read my review by clicking here.

I used this emoji when I want to look bad at someone. So for this emoji I am going to say The Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli, because as you may know I disagree mostly with everything that was exposed in this book. You can read my full review clicking here

This emoji… He looks like he is having fun. I had so much fun reading Born To the Endless Night by Cassandra Clare. This is the 9th book in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and obviously you need to read the other eight books to read this one but all of them are so short and so much fun to read. You can read my full review by clicking here

I use this emoji a lot and I used to indicate when something shocks me. A book that shocked me was Central park by Guillaume Musso. The end of this book was truly shocking but excellent, so I will recommend everyone to read this book. 

This is the emoji that I used when I am grateful and I am so grateful for Throne of Glass by Sarah J.Mass. I am grateful because despite I hate the covers of this book I love the story in it. I am really grateful that at the end I decided to read it. 

The angel emoji it´s obvious for a book that has a character very nice in it; for that I am going to choose Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard because of Carl. He is such a good person and trusts everybody that ends up how he ended up. And I really want to read the second book in the series as soon as I do have time.

The Flamenca is dancing something that is typically from the South of Spain. So I am going to choose a book that has been written by a Spanish author. And I am going to choose La Mesa del Rey Salomon by Luis Montero Manglano. This book is among my favorites and if you know Spanish I will encourage you to read it, you certainly can purchase it on Google Play Books.

This emoji is like Scrooge McDuck, he is all into money and that´s the reason why I am going to tell about a book that talks about economics. Contrary to what happen with the Blue Economy I really enjoy this one. I am talking about The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford. I really enjoyed this book because it takes into account that not everybody studies economics or things related to that; but the thing that I enjoyed the most about this book was that he explained the economy whith funny examples. 

This emoji is just so cool therefore I am going to pick a book with a very cool character, which basically means every single book in the YA literature. However the first character that came to me when I thought of this was Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I mean the boy signs Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones so Pidge is more comfortable. That´s the ultimate cool guy!

This is also one of my favorite emojis. I used it to indicate when I´ve blundered something, which actually is more often that I would like to admit. I am going to tell you about a book I regret I bought and obviously I regret I read The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. 

This emoji is clearly naughty. So I am going to tell you about a book that I bought when I was specifically told not buy more books. Actually this happen this week; I went o pick up Lady Midnight and came back home with three books. My mum was obviously about to kill me so to save my life I told her: “Mum I could have bought 4 books instead I bought just 3 so you can´t be mad. I´ve been very strong”. And one of those books is the Sky Key by James Frey. 

Poor emoji, he is crying. The last book that made me cry was All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. This book is so beautifully written and the story is so sad because of the circumstances… In my opinion this is a book that everyone should read at least once in a life time. You can read my review here.

And those were 23 books because of emojis.  I hope you´ve enjoyed. Stay tuned becuase there is one more post left for today: 4 Villans. 

See you all in a bit. 

21 Autors

Hello Everyone,

As I announce, here I am with a whole new post on the World Book Day. I am so excited!! I really love this day even when I don´t do anything different of the rest of the days. I mean, I might read a little bit more than usual but not much else.

On Thursday I promised three post and that´s what I am bringing for all of you today. The first post I am bringing is the one about 21 authors I loved. They are order in my particular preference, but to make it interesting I am doing it like a countdown.

So with no further do, let´s get started!

21. Mary Higgins Clarke.

Because as a matter of fact hers was the first mystery novel I´ve ever read. 

20. Jojo Moyes.

Everyone is in to her right now because Me Before You, I haven´t read that one yet, but a while ago I read The Last Letter from You and I really enjoyed it.

19. Stephanie Meyer.

I am not going to say that she is the next Pulitzer winner (though you never know) but certainly her writing style has something that keeps you reading. Let´s be honest, the Twilight Sagas was part of all of our teens and made more than one read a book that wasn’t mandatory for school.

18. L.J.Smith.

As it´s obvious because she is in a higher position than Stephanie Meyer I like L.J.Smith Books better than Stephanie’s. And because I tend to go against the rest of the world I like better The Vampire
Diaries Books than the TV show.

17. Jenny Hann
I discover her a few years ago. It was a mix of circumstances: I was looking for some contemporary reading and it was summer so I read The Summer I Turned Pretty and I love all three books. And almost a year ago I read To all the Boys I Loved and loved it too.

16. Justin Somper

Because I truly enjoyed Vampirates though I haven´t read yet the last two books in the series. I will re-read them and write a review, but honestly go and read the whole series.

15. Guy Haley

Until last week I didn´t know this author, but trust me when I tell you he is unique. I read The Emperor´s Rail Road (you can read its review by clicling on the title) and I was so pleased with the writing style and the world that the author have created. Seriously read something by this author.

14. Kai Meyer

I read  Die fließende Königin that in Spanish is La Reina de la Laguna and in English would be something like The Queen of the  Lagoon. However, as I was saying I read that trilogy when I was around 14 and the story have stayed with me and I am looking to re-read it, it´s going to be kind of difficult because I lost contact with the person who borrowed me the books, but I will find it and re-read it.

13. Camilla Läckberg

I love a good detective story and Camilla Läckberg writes probably the ones that I enjoyed the most. I am compelled to keep reading until there is not a single page left to be turned.

12. Laura Gallego

In case you don´t know this yet I am from Spain therefore I love to read Spanish authors once in a while. Laura Gallego was one of the first authors who introduce me to reading thanks to her trilogy The Idhun´s Memories which is a trilogy set in a medieval world full of fantasy. But she has written so many other amazing books, such as Finis Mundis, which follows a medieval French monk in a quest to save the world; Two Candles for the Devil which treats with the battle between angels and demos; or more recently Where the Trees Sings which is set in a medieval fantasy world in which trees used to be able to adopt a human form.

11. Richelle Mead

I love Richelle Mead because she created Dimitri and Adrian two of my top 10 male characters. To be honest even when I really love this author I have only read six of her books and those are all in The Vampire Academy Series, though I am really looking to read the Bloodlines series as well as her two newest releases.

10. Libba Bray

Again I haven´t read that much written by this author, but A Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy is so entertaining and well written that she deserves only for that to be on this list.

9. Javier Ruescas

Javier Ruescas is mostly a middle grade author who eventually writes YA. He is a Spanish author that I really enjoy reading. My favorites by him are the books of the Trilogy Play, which follows two siblings that couldn´t be more different and both are passionate about the music, but in different ways.

8. Anthony Doerr

There is no need to elaborate this so much, I think that all it´s said when I say that he won a Pulitzer in 2015. I wrote a full review of All the Light We Cannot See that you can see by clicking on the title. 

7. Cinda Williams Chima

She writes fantasy and I love fantasy. I read The Demon king series by her and I am really looking forward to read some of the other books that she has written.

6. Sarah J.Maas

I am currently reading the Throne of Glass series and am really enjoying it. I am just in book two, because the reading is so addicting and I have to focus on school and I want to keep these books for summer because usually when I seek for fantasy during that time I do not find it. And I also have my copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses waiting for me on my selves, but I will try not to read It until I´ve read all the Throne of Glass books that have been published.

5. Luis Montero Manglano

Luis Montero Manglano is the author of one of my all-time favorites (you can see my favorites by clicking here). Los Buscadores, which in English would be something like The Seekers. This trilogy has been translated to Polish and I really hope that is translate to more languages so the story can reach as many as possible, because, trust me you NEED to read this story.

4. J.K. Rowling

Everybody knows her. Author of the amazing Harry Potter series she made it into the list because her series was the first I ever complete and because I love her writing so muh. Now she is writing other books and actually I have the copies of some of them but I haven´t have time to read them just yet.

3. Pierce Brown

Some of you may know him because BuzzFeed and other media have named him the hottest YA author in the world. To be honest I first became aware of him and his books because of those articles. However if his books weren´t terrific he wouldn’t be here.

Red Rising is the best dystopian novel I´ve never ever read. I am writing I review because I just re-read. It will be posted on Tuesday so stay tuned to read my review.

2. Cassandra Clare

Honestly, she never disappointed me, but she does surprised my. Recently I re-read The Infernal Devices and re-fall in love with the character and the story. I will re-read The Mortal Instruments as soon as I can to review and, obviously, the book I am currently readin is Lady Midnight. So It´s obvius that I love her and her writing full of jokes and sarcasm. She is able to make you cry and laught at the same time and that´s why I love her as an author. I´ll leave you the links to all the reviews of her boos that are already posted in the blog in case you are interested on check them.
1. Patrick Rothfuss

If you have been following the blog and reading carefully you might have notice that I really love this author. I recommend his book any time I have an occasion to do it. His writing is marvelous the story incredible and the characters amazing. I will be reviewing his books as soon as do my annual re-read (if I do have time this year).

Do you like these authors? What are your favorite’s ones? Leave a comment in the comment section so we can discuss and know more amazing authors.

That´s all for todays first post. Stay tuned because around lunch time (in Spain) I will be posting the next post.

See you all in bit.