April 23, 2016

4 Villains

Hello Everyone,

This is the last post for today. The World Book Day is coming to an end (sadly). And because usually bad things or sad things happen to and because of the villains in the books I thought it would be a fitting goodbye.

Villains are despicable for most of the book, and there are very few books that have villains in which we can deep into their past so we can know what they are how they are and why they do what they do. However there are some books that have the ultimate villains; those who make me feel sorry for them or even come to like them. These are those villains in no particular order.

Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray was one of the first classics I ever read and actually liked. I think is not just because I did it because I wanted to but because the book is focus on a character that is evil. But he is evil because he was corrupted by Lord Henry.

His actions lead him to the loss of his great love and all of his sings instead of being reflected on his body are reflected on the picture. Which actually is so good as a metaphor because proves that not All that glitters is not gold. Plus he is sol well written.

Lord Voldemort
Did his circumstances made him like he was or was he just that evil? Honestly I think Voldemort is one of those characters that was bad because he was bad and because of his circumstances. I was talking with my friend Carmen while deciding who was going to made it into the list and she told me that Voldemort was so evil because he just was it; then I remember that in the movies there is not much explanation about Voldemort´s past. Trust me had a trouble childhood, but I won’t elaborate further so I won´t spoil to anyone in case you haven´t read the books and are planning on doing.

What I will tell you is that Voldemort is evil and I cannot deny that, but he has been through a lot. And he also enjoys being evil so it’s kind of hard to understand him and I won´t try to. But he is so good in the role of the villain because he is so charismatic and convince a lot of people that his thought are right.

Bellatrix Lestrange

J.K. Rowling certainly created very good villains for Harry Potter. When with Voldemort it might be a doubt about why he is so evil whith Bellatrix there is no room for questioning. She is so genially bad. She enjoys torturing and killing either for her amusement or because Voldemort had told her to do so.

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is one of the greatest books that I´ve ever read, and of course is one of my all-time favorites. The way the smells are described in this book is unbelievable until the point in which you feel the smells. Jean-Baptiste is a misunderstood and he is treated so badly by everyone. And I think he is also kind of mad. But he is truly one of the greatest characters I´ve ever read about and probably in the history of the literature.

Those are my favorite villains, which ones are yours?

That´s been all for today. I hope you have enjoyed and that you have had a very bookish day.

See you all soon. 

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