April 6, 2016

A Reaper of Stone

Hello Everyone,

As I do not have to do as many things for school as other weeks I figurate out that I could bring you a whole new review about a novella that I read yesterday.  Because is such a short story I am going to try to reviewed without doing any spoiler so the read of this review should be safe in case you want to purchase A Reaper of Stone.

You might notice, if you have been reading the blog regularly that one of my favorite genres is fantasy. I mean is pretty clear if you look to my favorite books list (which you can see by clicking here). So discovering this book by chance makes me really happy.

A Reaper of Stone is a fantasy novella that everyone who loves fantasy must read. Also you should read it if you are trying to read some fantasy but the size of the regular fantasy books is keeping you from doing so. It has all the elements of a great fantasy book but mini-size. There is a great plot and a very cool main character, and great doses of action.

The rhythm of the story is great, as a fantasy reader, I like that there is action and a foreign realm. In this case rather than a realm we have a village in which all the action takes places but for my point is pretty much the same. And there are some ancient creatures ready to scare the hell out of every single character except of course, from Elinor, the protagonist.

I enjoyed watching the resemblance between the epilogue and the prologue. Both of them have a conversation so similar between Con and Elinor.

However I didn´t give A Reaper of the Stone the 5 stars rating, but 4 out of 5 stars. Why is that, you might be asking. Well even when I am very aware of the fact that in a novella you don´t see the character grow as you can see in more extensive books I found myself liking the characters but not knowing them as much as I would want to. Don´t get me wrong, because I enjoyed reading about these characters so much and at least Elinor goes though some development. But as she goes through some growing we don´t get to see it, because that happen during the two years that we don´t know nothing about.

But as much as I am kind of disappointing at the characters I am so surprised by the world building. Usually that is one of the things that take pages and pages to do and in A Reaper of Stone the world is so beautifully created at the same time that the story is. And I have really enjoyed that aspect. As well as the writing style, which is so compelling, that keeps you reading so you will read the book in just one sitting.

So, overall I would recommend you to read A Reaper of Stone if you like fantasy or if you are looking for some read to initiate you in the fantasy world. Plus the cover is really cool, and there is a very beautiful illustration between the prologue and the Act-1, so there is that.

I know that the authors published a new novella settled in this world EVERY MONTH and I really thing that´s a very interesting concept. And  as soon as I finised other books on my TBR I will read the next one for sure. I leave you here the link so you can go and buy the book if you are interested in by clicking here.

Have you already read A Reaper of Stone? If so, what are your thoughts? If you haven´t read it yet, are you planning to?

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