April 15, 2016

Random Words Book Recomendation

Hello everyone,

This month is being such a busy one, so I am not reading as much as I thought I will. I have only read one  book on my TBR, but it is not that I am not reading it´s just that I am not reading the books on my TBR.

The other day I watched a video on YouTube and I thought it will be a fun thing to do this kind of recommendations; so I asked my friends to tell me the first word that come to their minds in order to the Random Word Books Recommendations. So that is what I am going to do for this post.  Without further do, let´s get started.


There are a bunch of books that are amazing, but there is just one that is the most amazing of them all: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Seriously this books is my favorite of all times and I am really grateful to my friend Alicia for make me read it.  It is not just a great story. It has amazing characters and incredible writing style.

Notice that The Wise Men Fear is amazing as well but I am going to recommend just one book for each word, so I better tell you to read the first one before the second one. But you should totally go and read both of them.


So my friend Carmen said flag, and I started to think about it, a lot. And Red Rising by Pierce Brown keeps coming to my mind. As you may know I am re-reading it right now, and I just arrived to the Institute part and realized why this book was coming to my mind when I think about a flag.
Flag are usually used to conquer, to indicate that a land belong to someone. In the Institute in Red Rising they have pennant (I am not entirely sure Pierce Brown called like that in English, but my copy of this book is a Spanish edition). And the pennant is used to conquer and made slaves.

I really recommend this books cause is one of my all-time favorites as you can see here. While I am re-reading, I realized that the world building that I found quite heavy the first time I read the book is incredible. So if you haven’t read Red Rising just yet, go and check it!


My dear friend Alicia told me this word. And this one was so easy, as she told me; the first book that came to my mind was Harry Potter and the Azkaban Prisoner by J.K. Rowling. I will tell you to read all Harry Potter books, but I think I would be more interesting just to recommend one.

Do not keep reading I you don´t want to be spoiled but, as many of you might know all that is left of Peter Pettigrew is a finger. To be honest this not my favorite book of the series, but everyone seems to love it, so even when I don´t enjoy the book as much as the others, you will like it most likely. And honestly, go and read Harry Potter if you haven´t read it yet!


This one is pretty obvious! Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead , Rose is the main character´s name. Why you should read Vampire Academy? Well the answer is so simple. Despite the fact that the movie was not that good, the book is so entertaining. The word is kind of complex and there is a lot of characters that really deserves the chance to be known for all of you, especially Adrien, but to meet him you should wait until book 2, so go and check it.


An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, because even though my friend José Ramón is trying to make my brain explode, I somehow manage to relate risk with this book. And I do not want to say that much because o don´t want to spoil you anything but both of the main characters are in great risk, actually everyone in the realm but mostly Laia and Elias. This book is also of my all-time favorites, so go and read it!

So that´s all for todays´ recommendations. But as my friends told me a bunch of words (because every time I saw someone I asked for a word) I will be posting more recommendations like this one. I hope you find some book you want to read and if you want, you can either leave a recommendation with these words or leave new words for future recommendations in the comment section.

See you all soon.

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