April 19, 2016

The Emperor´s Railroad

Hello Everyone,

Today I am bringing you a review of a book that is released today. As I´ve been able to read The Emperors Railroad in advance, I will like to thank the publisher Macmillan-Tor/Forge and the author Guy Haley.

First of all I have to say that this book is so incredible. Turning just a few pages you can see that the writing style is nothing but exceptional. It´s so unique and I´ve really enjoyed it. The story is narrated in the first person by an old man who is remembering his youth. However, he is not the protagonist and this is something that at least I, have not seen ever.

The other main strengths of this novella are clearly its characters. They are so likeable and so well portrayed. If you´ve had been following the blog, you would know that one of the things that in consider being the most important about a story is its characters and, these ones are amazing. You get to know them and like them without even notice it. The development of the relationships is so nifty that you won´t realize how much the main character cares about the narrator until just the end. And because there aren´t so many dialogues this is even more marked.

I have to say that I am brilliantly surprised by this book. I don´t like the whole zombie topic, I mean I know they are nowadays one of the most recurrent topics, mostly for TV; for books I am not so sure since I don´t read them cause as I said I don´t like them. But looking to the recent history we could see The Walking Death and its spin-off or maybe the just released Pride Prejudice and Zombies. My point being that I am not interested and usually I found it boring; but with this book I hadn´t that issue. I was so compelled to keep reading.

The other thing that surprised my so much was the narrator. I don´t know why but normally I read bookS with a narrator either on the third person or if in the first person they tend to be much closer to my age. I mean if I stop and think about it my favorite book of all times start the story when the main character has 11 years, so is not that I don´t enjoy them. However I think the likeability of the narrator has nothing to do with his age but with his circumstances. He lives in a world that is brutal in every single way. The violence which is not always pleasant, is so necessary to the development of the story; is not like other books that have fight scenes that come freely.

Is interesting how religion is add into the mix. It is done very tastefully so I don´t think that no one could be onfese by this. The point of view of this story is a punisher God, like Old Testament. And for me this was short off like the story of Noe. God is punishing humanity and instead of a great universe deluge it’s the zombie apocalypse trying to erase the evil. But in doing so we also see that maybe all punishment is not fair, and that everything can be corrupted.

I gave The Emperor´s Railroad 5 out of 5 stars. I really recommend the reading because is worth it, and you won´t regret.

As I said the book is released today and in case you are interested in I will leave you the link here so you can purchase it.

See you all soon

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