April 21, 2016

World Book Day

Hello Everyone,

As you might know, Saturday is The World Book Day and since I am a booklover I thought I could do something especial for it. What you might not know is that this day was first organized by the UNESCO in 1995, so that means that World Book Day and I were born in the same year. It´s pretty obvious that I was mean to be a Bookworm.

So my idea is to make 3 posts that will be published on Saturday though the day. The post will be.

  • Recommend 23 books because you know is April´s 23rd. For this I will ask to mi friends to send me emoji’s and I will do my recommendations based on the emoji’s.

  • Tell you about my 4 favorite villains.

  • And finally, because is 21st World Book Day I will tell you about 21 authors I love.

However I don´t know in which order I am going to be posting them. Anyway you should stay tuned to see them.

Tomorrow as usual I will be posting a review; this time for The Blue Economy. 

See you all soon. 

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