May 7, 2016

Captain America:Civil War

Hello Everyone,

As you may know, if you follow the blog, I love Marvel. And Marvel have just released a new movie: Capitan America: Civil War. So I went to the movies and let me tell you one thing: THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING.

Basically this movie is about heroes fighting heroes, as we all might deduce for its title. And, as it´s been proved find a reason for the heroes to fight among them is not easy, we all remember  Batman vs Superman movie (you can read my review for it clicking here), in that movie the two main characters don´t get along very well and they fight, but has anyone find what were they fighting about? Honestly I waited almost 3 hours of my life watching that movie.

But, going back the main topic: the new Captain America movie. The heroes had a reason to fight each other and all of the reasons that are given in both sides are quite good; however I am #TeamCap all along. And to stay honest to the truth, Tony has been making terrible decisions lately that have lead the Avengers to fight that could have been avoided if Tony would have stay quiet.

All the events in the Age of Ultron, whose fault are those? Tony.

Why the rulers feel like they need to control the Avengers? Because Tony decision making.

And who made all the wrong decisions in Civil War? Tony.

However, letting asides the one that must be blame for all, I have to say that the movie begins in such an entertaining way to finishing just even more amazing than I ever could thought of. The tempos are perfect; the combination of the action sequences with the more calm ones is very well done. And the action scenes are so well choreographed that are so enjoyable to the audience. Plus the soundtrack fits perfectly into all.

And we have to add to that magnificent mix the way in which the Marvel writers make you laugh when you less expected. For example, in the middle of a very important conversation, or in the middle of an incredible fight scene, there is Tony saying something that makes me laugh so hard. And since I mentioned the fight scene I have to say that the ones in this movie are among the best that I´ve seen in a superheroes movie, plus during that scene Ant-Man and Spider man are just hilarious.

With regard to Spiderman I must confess that I wasn´t quite sure with the change that was been made. I loved Andrew Garfield as Spiderman but I am greatly surprised by Tom Holland. I already knew the kid was a terrific actor. I mean, have you seen him in The Impossible? And in The Heart of the Sea? Both of those movies are quite dramatic and as we all know Spiderman is sarcastic character. Spiderman is just that nerd that we all love. And Tom Holland, in the little that is shown in this movie, is just perfect.

Ant-Man has his own movie, so I am not going to explain in further detail. The movie is funny but not the best I´ve seen of Marvel. And about the comics I cannot speak because I do not read comics. But c´mon in this movie Paul Rudd is so good.

Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon, has been another reason to love this movie. I love his character!! At the beginning of the movie he has a conversation with the Black Widow about Redwing, and I must be honest and say that: I do the exact same thing with my car. I feel that is a shame that he hasn´t appear that much in the other movies when his characters bring so much richness to the storyline. I felt like he is the modern Bucky, but we all know that no one could ever replace Bucky. But that´s the reason why I have enjoyed so much the scenes in which Bucky and Falcon and together and laugh so 
much in the one that the both have with Steve.

Regarding Bucky I am not going to say a word because I love Sebastian Stan so much that I am no longer objective. He is one of my favorites actors even when I don´t watch as many movies with he starring in as I would want to. However I will say that the duality of his character is so well portrayed that is obvious that he is a great actor. And thanks to that we can see how genially regret he is about what he have done while in Hydra.

Steve Rogers is my favorite Avenger of all times. It could be Thor, whose presence in this movie I´ve missed but nobody can reach the level of Rogers. And I like him because even when all heroes fight because is the right thing to do he does it because he actually believe in what he is fighting for. Also, the poor guy have been frozen for almost 70 years and he has to adapt to the modern life; and some of you may say Thor has to adjust as well, and yes he has to, but because he  has been cast out because of his behavior (nobody get offense please, because I’ve already say that I love Thor). But on top of all that he is extremely polite (even when Tony keeps making fun of him because of that). And to be fair the sense of justice more developed on him than in the rest of the group.

I love Wanda´s character and I think she can be really important in the outcoming movies, as she has been proving lately. She has grown up so much. The first time we met her, all she wished was revenge but she was able to leave that aside and to the right thing. In this movie we were able to see her struggling because of what she´s done and what she could do. It seems like she is still learning how to control her powers and, I think that she might be one of the most powerful ones. In infinity War my bet is that she is going to play a decisive part.

And to end up my talking about the characters I am going to mention Black Panther. I´ve not hear of him until I read somewhere that he was appearing on this film and I am so happy he did. I LOVE HIM, and the character development. At the beginning, he is like Wanda, seeking revenge, but then he realizes that there is more than that. And his fighting style is so cool.

So Captain America: Civil War was way better than Batman vs Superman if we only look at its characters. But, what happen if we look to other facts? Well the Marvel has managed to do it much better. They have created a Universe so well constructed that everything is related.

In one hand, there are the movies, which in case you haven´t noticed yet, I love it. In the other hand there are the TV shows: Agents of Shield and Agent Cater (about Jessica Jones and Daredevil I cannot speak as I haven´t watched them) which are so related to the movies. In Winter Soldier events happening on Agents of Shield are take into account and, in Agents of Shield the event happening on 
The First Avenger, moreover in the first Captain America movie we get to know Tony´s father. And Iron Man was movie that started all this. And in Shield we can see thing happening in the Thor movies, and I could keep talking all day but I think you´ve get my point already. And I think that´s the problem that DC is having.

While in Marvel the effort to relate everything is incredible, in DC they seem to forget about their shows… It´s pretty obvious that I don´t agree with having different Flash I the movies and in the TV show. But there is something that DC has better than Marvel: the villains. SO there are two things that I am really looking forward: first The Suicide Squad movie and, secondly that the fighting between the Avengers keeps going because they seem to be the only ones able to beat one and other. I will be fine if they stop the fighting and greater villains are introduced.

What are your thoughts about Captain America? Have you seen the movie already? Leave a comment in the section down below and subscribe if you want to be notified when a new post comes out, our you could just stay tune. My English post arrive every Friday and the ones in Spanish every Tuesday.

See you all soon. 

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