May 11, 2016

The Reflections of the Queen Snow White

Hello Everyone,

I´ve been wondering for a while now what happen after “And they lived happily ever after”. I mean I always want to know what happen after the book ends, where the characters are going and what new adventures they will be facing. Unfortunately when I was little Disney didn´t tell me what happened after. Usually there were not a second part and therefore I could not know whether the princesses were indeed happy with their princes or not.

Luckily for my David Meredith decided to answer that question and send me a copy of his work in exchange for an honest review. So before I get into the actual review I would like to thank David.

The Reflections of the Queen Snow White, is as I said a story of what happened after the happily ever after. In this story we get to see that Snow White and Prince Charming have shared a life together and that they were happy. But now that the king is death, for aver a year now, she is depressed. For me it was so nice to see how the little princess I was used to become something more. However I did not like her, because I was not able to empathize with her. I mean of course I felt sorry for her because the writing is actually quite good and gave me all the feels but, the queen Snow White is in a completely different state of life of the one I am currently in.

As I was saying earlier, we get to see Snow White in her life after the end of the tale that we are all used to. But we also get to know the little Snow White deeply; note that when I say little I mean the younger version that we all know. I found this the most intrigue and actually it was what I liked most about the book.

And as I mentioned earlier the writing style is so good, very descriptive which I tend to enjoy a lot. However I have some issues, mostly with the speech of one of the characters Erfreut, one of the seven dwarfs. He speaks I guess is southern but I am not quite sure and I have a hard time understanding him at first, obviously this is because English is not my mother language as you might know.

Overall I think this book is 3 out of 5 stars. I think that is a good read for all fairytale lovers about there.  You can purchase the book on Amazon, I´ll leave you the link here so you can purchase if you want to.

Have you already read The Reflections of the Queen Snow White? If so, what are your thoughts? Leave comment down below so we can discuss it.  

See you all soon. 

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