May 13, 2016

The Young Elites

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A while ago I went to my local book store to purchase Lady Midnight, and because whenever I go to a book store I cannot buy just one book I bought the Young Elites. I was looking to read something by Marie Lu and I read the synopsis of this one and I thought it sound really interesting.

However I have to wait to read this book because I have to read some books that were given to my for review and because it was the end of the semester I have not so much time to pick up this book. So when the classes where officially over I decided it was a good time to have a little break and read something I was really looking for. First I picked up The Axeman´s  Jazz and I realized I was not enjoying the book and decided to left it aside for a while and pick up The Young Elites. As a matter of fact this was, along with the buying of the book, one of the best bookish decisions of the year.

The Young Elites is a magnificent story that is like nothing you have never ever red before. It´s set in some short of imaginary location that reminds me of Venice during the Renaissance. This world has been isolate by the blood fever which is a disease that kills all the adults that catch it and left marked to most of the kids who survived to it. In this context we meet Adelina, who is a malfetto, one of those kids who survived the blood fever but was marked. Adelina´s father is a merchant who is not nice to her nor to anyone, that´s why Adelina decided to run away from home and from that point everything goes one in a hectic pace.

Among those who have passed the blood fever and survived it, there are some that have not only their marking but also some powers. Those are the Young Elites and Adelina is one of those, even when she has been unaware of it for most of her life

I cannot say that much without spoiling you and I am trying to do a spoiler free review but, we get find an story about loyalty, treason, revenge, remorse… And the romantic aspect is not the main key to all the success of the book, it´s not what makes the characters jump straight into the action.

The writing style was so magnificent, I really enjoyed it. It was beautiful but at the same time nothing excessive or presumptuous. And it was like that because even when the majority of the book was narrated in the first person, there were some chapters that tell us about other characters, mostly the Inquisitor Teren Santoro, who by the way is a very interesting character and I am looking forward to see his development in the next books of the trilogy.

Actually all the characters in this book are so interesting because all of them have a duology. There is a bunch of shades of grey, because maybe who you think is the good guy is not and the bad guy might not be that bad after all. I think that´s why this book work so well and keeps you interesting; and how well the tempos were carried helps, as well. There were moments in which the story was so calm but it was necessary for the characters not only to bond but for them to understand themselves and grow.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars because I love it. And I think this book has a lot of chances to be included in my all-time favorites at the end of the year. For now I will have to wait until July to read The Rose Society, I need to study and I cannot be reading something so compelled.

Have you read this book? What are your thought on it? Leave a comment down below so we can discuss it. Don´t forget to suscrive or stay tuned I post every Friday in English and every Tuesdy in Spanish. 

See you all soon. 

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