June 17, 2016

Endgame. The Calling

Hello Everyone,

I still have books that were given to me for my birthday to read and to review. So here is one of them that actually was a re-read for me, and actually I enjoyed more than the first time I read it. But enough about me rambling and let´s go talking about that we all care about: books.

So as you can see in the title of the review I am going to be talking about The Calling, the first book in the Endgame trilogy. And you can read the whole think because I am going to try to avoid making any spoiler.

First of all to all those who are saying that this book is like the Hunger Games, you are right it has some similitudes but it also has some main differences. Starting with the fact that the narration is different and continuing with Sarah being so different from Katniss; Jago so different from Peeta; and Christopher so different from Gale. And the way the story evolves even with some similitudes is different.

I like the way the story was told and being able to follow all the players plus Christopher in this first book. It gives us an inside on their minds so you can find which players do you like the most and create bonds with all of them. Of course I have my favorites and those are Sarah and Jago with no doubt. I also like Chiyoko a lot but there is no possible comparison.

So as I just said I enjoyed the way in which the story was told. Each chapter being focus on a character or couple of them, if they have formed any alliances. And I like the writing which gives a special voice to each of the characters. It´s so interesting passing to be reading from Chiyoko point of view to Baitsakhan being one of them a ruthless killer and the other one a person who fights for life. Though sometimes I was annoyed because for me there was excessive punctuation and the sentences are mainly so short.

There is no so much room for character development, but I like how things turned to be at last for some of the characters that actually grow so much. Unfortunately there are some characters that still kind of unknown for us because in this book the story was mainly focused in six of the players.
One of the greatest things of this book is how much action it´s actually happening. There are so many fight scenes and actions scenes in general that it´s so entertaining and I think that those are very well written and always arrives just before you could find that the story slows down and it´s no longer that fun to read.

And I realized that there were so many things that were unnoticed by me the first time I read The Calling. And there are so many clues about what happened and what is going to happen though I am not sure at all because those who have read this book already know this but there is a twist at the end that I wasn´t expecting. So overall I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

And if you still not knowing if you want to read this book let me tell you that there are some clues within the book and if you find where the key is hidden you can win some gold. You want to read the book now, don’t you?

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