June 10, 2016

One More Time

Hello Everyone, 

Last Friday I watched a movie because to be honest there was a long time since I last watched something on the Tv. I´ve been reading and studying like crazy because finals but finally my brain needed a break. So I decided to give it to him and watched a movie and since I´ve been meaning to watch One More Time for quite a while everything turn out just perfect.

At first I thought the movie was based on a book but after some research I realized I hasn´t but any way since I bothered in taking notes while watching the movie to tell you about it I am not going to waist the work. Plus the movie is actually pretty cool.

So we follow Jude who is a young woman, portrayed by Amber Heard. Jude is 30 and she wants to pursuit a career in the music but, she is not doing it mostly out of fear. She is been kicked out of her apartment but thankfully she had a trip back home planned.

In her home we met her family in which everyone is kind of eccentric in their own way. The only normal one in the family is the sister though she feels ignored by her father. The stepmother treats Jude, as she well said during one of the scenes, like Cinderella. And the father seams to only care about himself and his glory days.

As I said this family is kind of messed up because they have all gone through some stuff. In one hand both of the sisters felt abandoned and compete for the attention of their father who, as I said seam to only care about himself; plus there is something happening with them.

The father has the problem I´ve been mentioned so far. And a big need for attention. And the rest of the family, Corinne´s husband and child, and Lucille (the stepmother) seem to be normal but all this eccentricity affects them.

But enough of talking about the characters; let´s talk about what I think are the two strongest points of the movie: the performances and the soundtrack.

I was genially surprised with Amber Heard I´ve been watching her in several movies now and I didn´t think she could do it so well. She portraits a character that is not very likeable and makes you empathize with her and feel sorry for her when you are supposed to. And I was surprised to hear her singing; obviously she is not to put an album out, but she is pretty decent. The other great performance of the movie is Christopher Walken, who needs no introduction at all because we all know that he is such a great actor. There was this chemistry between these two characters making everything step aside when they were together on screen. And there wasn´t that many scenes in which they were together.

Regarding the soundtrack I enjoyed so much. The music was so relaxed and I think it fits perfectly with what was happening at the time.

Overall I’ve enjoyed the movie and I would give it four stars. I will recommend seeing the movie because even when I will qualify it as a drama I have fun watching it because at some point there is just a satire of situations that are uncomfortable.

So that´s all for today´s post. Have you watched this movie? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment in the section down below so we can discuss it.

See you all soon. 

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