July 4, 2016

City of Bones

As the title of the post indicates, today i am going to be talking about the first book in The Mortal Instruments series. And the first thing that I must say is that I am kind of disappointed after my reread of this book. I remember it to be better and actually the TV show might not be as bad as I thought it was if we forget about the poor acting by Dominic Sherwood and the awful effect used. However I am not going to extend about the show, you can check my full review on that by clicking here.

Like I was saying earlier I am disappointed buy I think it can be easily explained. For started the first time I read the book I was 14 or 15, so it was easier for me to empathize with Clary. It was easier for me to understand that something might look to her like the most important things in the entire planet but now with a grown up mind (kind of) I think there are not important anymore.

Besides some of my favorite characters appearances is limited to just a few pages, and for those who are wondering, yes I am talking about Magnus Bane. I get that he isn´t the main character of the saga and I like that he will be becoming more important in time. But I like Magnus so much that I just can get enough and that´s why I am so happy to hear about the trilogy that Cassandra Claire is working on and that is going to be featured by him.

The other main factor for my disappointment is related with Clockwork Angel and Lady Midnight (you can read both of my reviews for those books by clicking on its titles) which are just terrific first parts in a series. For me rereading City of Bones was like when I am eating something sweet and all of the sudden something salty comes to my mouth.

By no means I am not saying City of Bones is a bad book because it´s not. In fact it´s a very fun and quick read (I read it in 4 day while finals).

The best thing about rereading this book it´s been to realize the growth of Cassandra Claire as an author. I already know she has improved, but thanks to this reread I really realized how much and how quick is her growing.

And the other great thing about this book is the terrific work that Cassandra Claire did regarding world building. It sets everything for the rest of the books that are settled in the Shadowhunters universe. And even when I make this book to be a slower read than the others, it helps so the rest are better.

The character growing is not as good as the world building. The author is so focus in Clary that we get almost, not other point of view and so we do not get other opinions. But as I mentioned on my review of the TV show, Clary is not as selfish as she has been portrayed; of course she is worried about her mother but she did not put that above everything else.

And know that I have reread the book I can say that the movie is not as bad as everyone keeps saying. Actually I think is a pretty good adaptation. Of course not everything is included and somethings were changed but generally it was good. And I liked better Jace being played by Jamie Campbell Bower rather than Dominic Sherwood. The latest is hotter but he has not being able of being Jace.
I am reading all the six books in The Mortal Instruments series so reviews about all of them will be coming soon. Stay tuned if oyu are interested.

What do you think about City of Bones? And about the whole Shadowhunters universe? Leave a comment down below so we can discuss it.

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