July 30, 2016

Minions Booktag (Original)

Anyone who seems to know me just a Little bit knows that I LOVE the Minions, those yellow, small and super cute creatures that when first met thanks to Despicable me; but that we all love just because. The thing is that as usually, I get the idea of for this tag at 5 a.m. when I was supposed to be sleeping.

Before creating this tag I’ve been looking in case there was already a Minion Booktag, and I found something, at least in Spanish and because it was not similar to what I want to do I created this tag anyway.

The idea of this tag is to choose some Minions and choose what book they will recommend regarding its personality. So without further do, let´s get started.

I´m not going to try to deny it. Bob is my favorite Minion. I think he is beyond adorable and because he is the littlest and has a child personality I think he is even cutter. This little Minions is going to recommend you a cute book, because it could not have been any other way.

Actually I usually do not read romance or contemporary books, which are those in which we usually find the cute stories. However recently I read Song of the Blackbird by DB Michaels and I love it. The story is very well written and you will easily like the main character. You can check my full review for the book by clicking on its title.

In the Minions movie Kevin is kind of serious; the truth is that I love his fun side. He is the Minions who is always making fun of Jerry and who loves to play golf. Kevin is going to recommend you a funny book.

To all the boys I´ve loved before by Jenny Han is a great book in which we met Lara Jean, a girl who every time she likes a boy writes him a letter in order to forget her feeling about him. Those letters are send by mistake and from that point we discover a wonderful and really funny story about family, friendship and first love.


Stuart has a special place in my heart because he was my first Minion toy ever ad it was gifted to me by my college friends during our first year. Stuart I the lazy Minion, he rather play the ukulele or relaxing than working. He also loves to eat, he is the one mistaking Kevin with a banana. So Stuart is going to recommend you a book to just chill while reading.

It´s true that we usually read to be relaxed but, to be honest some books have us about to collapse. Finding a tranquiller book is hard and that´s why I am going with The Lesson of the Master by Henry James. This is the first time I´ve ever recommended a classic (now I do look like an intellectual person). This book is character driven instead of plot driven and even though when so much stuff happens is just because the characters are chatting.


I loved this Minion because I received its toy from my friend Esme and I take that toy everywhere I go. This is the minion who mascaraed as a mummy in order to get Agnes the unicorn toy. But he is also a smart Minion, he is always caring a notebook with him. So Mark will recommend a book with smart people on it.

Central Park by Guillaume Musso is just the perfect book for it. I cannot elaborate in further detail because I will spoil you and ruin the book for you and I certainly won’t do that to our guys. I just will say that through all the plots twists that this book have, who will see why I am telling you this.

Phil (purple Minion)

Because this Minions is actually the opposite to all the Minions and its main goal is to destroy, he is going to tell you about the wish he haven´t read.

Actually I’ve been quite lucky while choosing the books I read. I usually choose books that I like or at least have fun while reading. But for this case I have to go with The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I started to read the book so excited about it, expecting to read a master piece because everyone keep saying how brilliant this book was. I had just read The Mist Trilogy by him and completely love it.

There are several reason for me disliking this book but the most important are that the author won´t stop adding troubles to the plot without bothering to solve the previous ones. And at the end of the book everything is solved Deus ex maquina.

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