July 8, 2016

Sky Key

Ok. I think need a month to process all the feeling that I’ve got right now. As I am writing this I’ve just finished  Sky Key by James Frey and I am amused how great he did it despite the fact that I was in kid of a reading slump while reading it, and that the slump was caused mostly because the rhythm of the book. But those las 80 pages really make you forget about everything and just enjoy all the action.

This review will contain some spoilers from The Calling the first novel in the Endgame trilogy. So if you haven´t read that one, you can check my review by clicking here and decide whether you will like to read it or not. But in my opinion this book is worth your time.

Sky Key takes place a few days after the events that lead to the finding of the Earth Key. So we can see how all the players that are left are affected by those events. The most trouble about them all is Sarah, because now she knows that if she hasn´t taken the Earth Key the Event won´t be happening, plus she is so troubled by the fact the she has just killed Christopher. Jago is trying to comfort her but no one can. Sarah is in a very dark place near to a mental break down.

We also have Aisling dealing with the guilt of missing the shooting when she got the chance. The rest of the players still pretty much the same without any character development.

There is a change in the protagonist of the book, which is one of the things that bother me the most. I really enjoyed the dynamics between Sarah and Jago. And now passing to have their story being told to have the others players story be told was the main reason that made me not to be as engage as I was in the first book of the trilogy for over  300 pages.

It doesn´t help either the fact that contrary to what happen in the first book there is no action for the majority of the book. The action is concentrate in the first hundred and the last hundred pages, making this book being character driven instead of story driven. However looking it with perspective, being character driven helps us to get in the mind of the players and getting to know some of them better.

I thought that the miss of Chiyoko will make the story fade and somehow that has happened. But it also allows us to (SPOILER) get to know the real An, who by the way is a total creep wearing parts of Chiyoko´s death body around his neck (END OF THE SPOILER). And we also get to know other characters more deeply, such as Maccabee who by the way I´ve enjoy meeting; he was so entertaining to read about.

Still there are some characters that are psychopath but at the end the few that are left might not be as we have been thinking all this time; at least one of them.

Regarding the writing I might say that the style with the extreme short sentences and the excessive punctuation bothers me because I rather complex sentences, allowing me to know whether I am talking with a 4 year old or a 20 year old. And I was kind of confused by the continuous change in the characters point of view.

Overall this book has some very strong points that are for sure that turns that you are not expecting at all. And of course those last 80 pages. That´s why I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars and I am really looking forward to read the next book.

Have you read Sky Key already? What are your thought on the trilogy so far? Leave a comment down below so we can discuss.

See you all soon. 

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