August 26, 2016

Dragonfly in Amber

Hello guys,

This might be the last post for a while. I am moving to Germany and I don´t know how long is going to take me to settle thing up. Let´s hope won´t take long but, any way let´s go for the thing we are all interested in: books.

Today I am going to be talking about the second book in the Outlander series: Dragonfly in Amber. I am warning you that it would be spoiler free if you have read or watched the first season of the show, otherwise you will be spoiled. If you are interested here is my review of the first book and a few comments on the first season 1 click here.

Once I’ve fairly warn everyone I have to say that Diana Gabaldon it´s just a genius. Dragonfly in Amber starts in a weird way, 20 years after Clare goes back to her time and before you tell me I have spoiled you, I haven’t, this is within the first few pages of the book.

As I was saying, because of the beginning we know that something big has happened because Claire won´t go away from Jaime, right? In fact we met an older woman, more mature and with a daughter: Brianna Randall. Claire from 1968 it´s a woman that has gone through so much and now she wants to find a way to tell her daughter all the truth. And that´s how we are introduce in the history again right were Outlander left it.

And thanks to this time jumps we are able to discover the wonderful writer that Diana Gabaldon is and the amazing job that she has done in order to connect both stories. And thanks to her magnificent writing we also get to know more about the characters and their arc is better. Because the characters are deeper they become dearer to us.

It´s also remarkable the research work that´s after this book. Everything is significant to the plot, not choose randomly and the author is able to mix different places in such a unique way. This happens also with the society that appears in the book.

Those who have been following the blog for a while will know that I don´t like the use the historical characters in books, if the book it´s not about them. For this case I must say I take my hat of. It´s not use to make us want to read the book; they’re just another character that will mean something to the plot.

Regarding Outlander season 2 I have to mention the differences. Between season 2 and book 2 there are more differences, but despite we the plot still the same and the major events happen. And even when I have love this book I also have love the show, which I consider to be spectacular. And I have to make an special mention to Caitriona Balfe outstanding performance, she deserve a nomination for the Emmy´s.

So obviously for me both the book and the show are 5 stars and I can’t wait to see season 3, especially after have reading book 3.

See you all when I am settled in Germany. 

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