August 11, 2016

The Fray Theory. Resonance

You guys know that I read quite a few books a month. And sure you know that I love fantasy. And you will also know that finding a decent fantasy book whether it´s epic fantasy, high fantasy or urban fantasy is hard, so you will also know that finding a great book it´s much harder. The Fray Theory: Resonance, it´s the first installment in a new trilogy by Nelou Keramati and it´s a GREAT urban fantasy book. What am I even saying? This book it’s the best urban fantasy and fantasy in general that I´ve read in a very long time –not taking into account my constant rereads of my favorite books.

Yeah, I am not crazy or anything, but honestly guys, this book it´s that good. I mean at the end of the year there is a great chance that this book make it to my favorites of the year and maybe even of all times. And it´s just a debut novel so it´s likely that Nelou Keramati will grow as an author and her next books will be even better, if that´s possible because this book is just perfect.

Let´s start with the writing style which it is magnificent. The style used is very practical taking us from A to B without even noticing. But if you have a highly appreciation for beautiful writing you will enjoy this book, because the way the author describes things in this book is terrific.

The characters are incredibly well written. They aren´t just plain characters that needs development. It´s obvious that prior to the story beginnings these characters have gone through so much. But there is also the thing happening during the story that also makes them evolve and the author is able to use all of that to create even more vivid characters.

The world building was also magnificent. During the first half of the book Nelou is preparing us, and building the world under our noses and you will not be aware of it until it hits you. Literally. She is able to give you a bunch of details that are so interesting and you will devour them to comprehend its significant later on. Because everything there is not a single detail that is not useful to the plot.

The plot… Wow! I mean I cannot say that much about it and by the synopsis you will be intrigue but will not know too much about it. And actually I think it´s the best possible way you could jump into this book. I was intrigue by it, think I could like it, and so I requested an ARC from the author who so kindly gave it to my and which for I am beyond grateful.

Seriously guys, there is no words to describe how much I enjoyed this book. You are trapped in the story within the very first pages and it´s worth it. Seriously you won´t be disappointed by it.

It´s pretty obvious that I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars but honestly I think this book it´s much more than just a 5 stars. I mean look at the description of the book I gave to a friend.
Oh! And by the way, have you notice the wonderful cover? It´s done by Nelou Keramati!!
I will link all her sites so you can contact her and of course I will leave the link to purchase the book as soon as there is one; thought it´s not coming out until august 31st.

See you all soon. 


  1. Dear Marta, thank you once again for this wonderful review! <3

    1. Thansk for coming over. I am really looking forward to read the next books