November 21, 2016

The Final Empire

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I know it´s been a while since weekly post arrive but at least this week it will be two weeks in a row with weakly post. I promise that as soon as I am back home the post will be back as previously schedule, maybe changing the days that you are used to but two per week at the end.

Today I want to talk you about The Final Empire the first installment in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson; who apparently is one of the greatest contemporary fantasy writers. To be honest with you, just by reading Mistborn I agree, but it´s the first book that I read by him.

The final empire is a book told mostly in the perspectives of two characters. The story is about this kingdom that is led by Lord Ruler, who a thousand of years ago, saved the world. Now the Skaas are salved and among the nobles there is people with powers. But that´s not all there are certain people call the Mistborns that are the most powerful among them.

There are a lot of good things in this book starting with the plot, which is great. It is something really unique and I must say that I am stunned by it because all the turns that there are within the story. And let me tell you that some of them are really risky and because of them I can say that so far, I consider mister Sanderson to be brilliant for them.

The world building is great. As many fantasies the world is some kind of medieval location but with a really interesting magic system. Also, I consider important to recall that we are dealing with a dystopia somehow cause the story is settled in the future after some catastrophe has happen within that fantasy world.

And of course, I need to talk about the politics and the magic system in this realm which in my opinion are strongly related. Mister Sanderson had managed to create a complex and unique magic system that is at least intriguing. I appreciate how everything is related and how the politics really on the magic system and the other way around.

Finally, but non-the less I will like to talk about the characters. I left them for the end because even when there is only two main characters there is a great variety of secondary characters that are as well portrayed as the main ones. The two main characters are Vin and Kelsier whom made me fall in love with them within the very first few pages. They are so rich and complex that it only makes them more human and more relatable. Plus, they both go through extensive character development within the novel, in Vin is more noticeable, because she is younger and of course at that age is more easy to change.

Regarding the rest of the characters there is a great variety of them, but thanks to the amazing work of Brandon Sanderson as a narrator we can see all the conflicts that they are going through. My favorite one is Breeze without a doubt he is just so charming, maybe he is using the alomancy with me through the pages of the book?

The other secondary character that I really like is Marsh and I will like to know more about him somehow.

I cannot go too much into detail because I will be spoiling you guys and those who have been allowing the blog for a while know that I tried to avoid that as much as I can. But if you like fantasy I think this is the kind of book that you will love, because it has all the elements of a great fantasy and so many others that make it unique. Obviously, I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and I am really looking forward to read the next books on the series.
That´s been all for today´s post but stay tuned because more posts are coming. Most likely next week I will be talking about Fantastic beast and where to find them, but just the screenplay, because the town in which I live in Germany is too little to have a cinema with movies in original version… Actually, is too little to even have a cinema, period.

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