January 11, 2017

Shadowhunters. How to improve a whole season in just one espisode

Hey guys, 

Once again here I am and as the usual followers of the blog may know already I love everything that is related to the Shadowhunters universe. Except for the first season of the show, as you can check on my review (which you can find here). But after seeing the first episode of this season everything change.

Do not continue to read unless you want to be spoiled about season 1 of Shadowhunters.

There is a huge improvement in the fight scenes. Maybe it is because all of them are among shadowhunters. But at least that high-low speed sequences seems to be over. I really hate those. It makes no sense and make the show look like a bad fantasy from the 90´s or something like that.

But, there is much more that have improve since season one: meaning the acting. I am really happy because I liked Dom Sherwood on Vampire Academy and I was really disappointed by the fact the he was not portraying Jace as it should. But at least in this episode everything related to his acting has improved widely. He doesn’t look constipated anymore and he put some emotions into his lines.

I liked Katherine McNamara as Clary for the last season and that remains the same. But as I said this girl is kind of obsessed with everything first with her mother, now with Jace. Still I like the friendship relationship between Simon and Clary, as I had previously said they really feel like BFF.

Alec still Alec and therefore I still love him. I really think that Mathew Daddario is the ideal choice for this character and he stills proving it. And of course, I like him with Magnus.

I would have like to see more Izzy in the first episode. I think to recall that she is only in three scenes for the whole episode. But at least she is starting to look much of a badass like Izzy on the books.

Regarding the plot, I have to say that they have totally deviated from the books. It is true that there are some elements from book two, meaning just the boat. However, in this episode it has been for the best. It´s incredible how much they have improved, because even when I don’t see a clear plot line for the season I am intrigue with what it is to come.

Also, the writing has seriously improved from season one and I don´t feel like punch half of the character as they open their mouths.

So far, I am invested in this new season and I will keep you updated about it. If you have like this post, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog or follow me on my social media (which you can find here) where I always say when there is a new post.

See you all next Wednesday.


  1. I´m going to comment but in spanish. i´m afraid of making many mistakes jajajajja.
    Yo con esta serie tengo una relación amor-odio porque hay cosas que me chocan muchísimo y otras que es como.. ¿pero qué haces con tu vida? A mí la actriz que hace de Clary no me gustó en la primera temporada y en esta tampoco me acaba de encajar. Porque es pésima, inexpresiva y eso no me gusta. Jace es muy Jace. Pero mis favoritos son Alec, izzy, Simon y Magnus porque son tal cual. Son como los imaginé, son perfectos es que no les falta nada a ninguno de ellos. Respecto al argumento tengo mis dudas porque hay cosas que las mezclaron muy deprisa, por ejemplo me hubiera gustado que Clace hubiera vivido más su relación "amorosa" antes de descubrir que son hermanos y que Simon viviera más como humano. Y creo que nada más...

    1. Jajaja, coincido en muchas cosas contigo pero, mi mayor problema con el show es que al contrario que a ti no me gusta mucho Jace; que sí que me parece que esta temporada esta mejorando un poco pero...
      Y tampoco me gusta nada las runas que se inventan de la nada:la runa para que las personas se transformen en otra; o la runa para enseñar recuerdos a otras personas.
      También creo que deberian haer dejado más tiempo a Simon como humano y, la verdad es que ahora mismo estan un poco desviados de la trama de los libros pero, ¿qué se le va a hacer?
      De todos modos yo espero que mejore porque partir del episodio 4 esta el cambio de guinistas. Por lo menos las secuencias de acción ya han mejorado bastante.