February 13, 2017

Golden Son

If you have been here for a while you might know that I love Pierce Brown books. Last year I re-read Red Rising and this year I decided to re-read Golden Son in preparation of Morning Star coming out in Spain. I know I could have read this book a year ago, but I like to read in paper and I wanted the book matching with the other two, so I have been waiting for it. Actually, the day I am writing this is the release day in Spain.

Before you keep reading let me warm you that if you keep reading this review you might find some spoiler from Red Rising. So, if you haven’t read that one yet, check my review for that one (which you can find by clicking here) read the book and then come back so we can discuss this book.

Golden Son it´s as a matter of fact a master piece. This book it´s amazing and I love it. I think I haven’t hear a bad review for this books, even though I am sure it´s not a book for everyone. As I said in my Red Rising review on the first book there was a lot of world building for almost half of it. But it´s necessary and I think it was what made me fell in love with this story in the first place.

The second book it´s as good as the first one if not better. The whole world in which is settled is expanded and the character grown massively in this second installment. What I have like about this book? Well I think we will finish earlier f we ask what I haven’t like, and my answer will be nothing.
When I first read Golden Son a couple of years ago, I liked and enjoyed. This week as I was re-reading it I realized hundreds of little details that I did not realized while reading the book the first time. I so involved in the story that I wanted to know what was next so urgently.

The story begins right were we left it in Red Rising and then after a couple of pages we find ourselves two years forward. This is done so gracefully that we don’t have the impression that we have missed anything.  As I have previously said I love the style in which the story is told.

I think that as the story is narrated in the first person we care even more deeply for Darrow and all his friends. Pierce Brown did a fantastic job at creating all this characters, but Darrow is something that is just beyond all of them. None of the characters seems unidimensional and you can know perfectly who is talking without any indicators. But Darrow is one of those characters that will go into your hart and make you love so much that you will be tearing for everything that happened to him over the course of those two books.

I´ve read somewhere, don’t remember where, that the style was somehow simple. And I strongly disagree with this, because the style, in my opinion, is as its needed for you to believe the characters. And in the style, we can also see the evolution of Darrow as character and how he grown since he became gold.

Other thing that impress me very much about this book it´s the constant inner debate that Darrow has. He is always trying to do what´s right and sometimes he realizes that to do what´s right some wrongs must be done. So, does the end justify the means?

I loved everything about this books but those plot twist that come without you noticing it. I mean I have already rad the book and I was shocked when certain events happened. Pierce Brow it’s a master and that´s why I gave this book 5 out 5 stars.

Have you read Golden Son yet? Leave a comment down below with your impressions about the story. If not just do it through my social media (which you can find here).

See you all on Wednesday. 

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