February 15, 2017

Rebel of the Sands

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Another Wednesday it´s here! And that means two things: Friday is closer; and more importantly, a new post is here! Today’s post it´s about a book with a pretty cover that I´ve been seeing everywhere for almost a year and I have been dying to read: Rebel of the Sands.

First thing first, I want to thank the publisher who gave me a review copy through NetGalley. So, thanks to both. And now without further ado let´s talk about the book.

Rebel of the Sands tells the story about a girl called Amani that lives in a little desert town. In which weapons are a normal thing, in fact the produce them. Amani lives with her uncle who, apparently wants to marry her and, of or course she wants to escape from this city. One night while trying she meets a mysterious guy that might be the key for her to scape her little town.

The premise of the book it´s really interesting, mostly because it´s set in a fantasy world that somehow it´s like an oriental culture mixed somehow with cowboys. I know it sound like a weird mix, because I myself thought of it every time I hear that description but, it’s quite accurate.

The story it´s told in the first person by Amani and even when I have like it because it helps to empathize with the main character in this occasion, I did not felt like she was real enough to me.  I will have enjoyed more to have several points of view because there are some characters that are interesting and who we barely know anything about. However, the style was addicting and once you start you cannot stop, trust me on that one.

Regarding the characters I like most of them, even when at times they make some stupid decisions. In fact, I like the main character for all the book, even when as I said I did not feel her to be real enough, and my issue with the character is with Jin, but I cannot explain the reason that lead me to tell you this because of spoilers however, argumentative wise the reasons that lead me to not to like him were good.

The world building it´s kind of chaotic. You are reading and at times the author just add stuff very randomly. And it’s quite confusing because there is a bunch of creatures and the magic system, even when interesting, need a deeper explanation. We don´t know enough about the folklore of the Dessert.
The story was really interesting and once you dive into it, you don’t want to stop. As I said earlier in this review, the story is addictive and that is what make it to be so good. The is room for improvement in the next installments. But it´s the first novel of Alwyn Hamilton and I think it was really good and therefore I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

I am looking forward to read the next installment on the series, that comes out March 7th. So, keep an eye on the blog if you are interesting on my review of it, cause as soon as it comes out I will be reading it a reviewing it for you guys.

Have you read this book? Did you like it as much as I did? Leave a comment down below or just tell me through any of my social media (which you can find here). And if you have like this post do not forget to follow the blog.

See you all next Wednesday. 

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