February 22, 2017


I´ve known for a while that Diana Gabaldon is one hell of a writer but after reading voyager I am more sure of it, if that´s even possible. Writing one good book is hard, writing to good books harder… Three within the same saga is a charm. I know that there is a huge number of good sagas but let´s be honest, if it was easy all of us will be published authors.

Before I go on with the review I am warming you: this review will be spoiler free regarding the third book but it may contain some spoilers from the previous books. In case you haven´t read the previous installments on the series yet I will recommend you read my reviews of those Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber (you can access those by clicking on the titles), and I will also advise for you to read the books of course.

Going on with the topic that we are all here for, Voyager I the third book in the Outlander saga and most likely a view of what is going to happen in season three. Although if you are followers of the show you might have already been spoiled of what is to come in the book. I realized while reading it that there are parts of the second book that are on the first season and parts of this book that appears on the second one. Is not a huge thing, just the las episode of the second season being basically the beginning of Voyager.

As always, when I talk about this books I must do an honorific mention to the research work that there is obviously after all this books. One of the things that I enjoyed the most is the huge attention to detail that there is in every single scene. Besides the wonderful writing style of the author make it even better.

And since I am talking about the writing style I have to say that I love the way in which the author is telling us the story even when at times I get I little bit confused by the fact that sometimes we are reading from Claire´s perspective and all of the sudden we are reading from someonelse´s. I like to know what happen with Jaime after he left Claire on the stones so she will return home. Also, I liked the parts that were told from Robert´s perspective but at some point, Diana Gabaldon seems to forget about him.

The forgetting of Robert was disappointing for me because it was through him that we get to know more about Brianna, Jamie´s and Clare´s daughter.

Maybe the thing that I have liked the lest about this book was the excessive amount of adventures, thought. And it is not that I think that the book is way too long, which actually I rather, but it seems too much to happen in just one book. I could say that they went through literally everything and I wouldn´t be exaggerating.

The thing I have enjoyed the most was the wedding. I wont´s say whose wedding thought cause as I said it is a spoiler free review and I am a woman of y word. What I will say about the wedding it is that it was way too funny, I could not read two words without stopping to laugh, but at the same time it´s really emotional.

Overall, I have really like this book a lot. However, I cannot compare it with the second one, Dragonfly in Amber, which I thought it was marvelous, from every single point. That´s why I gave Voyager 4 out of 5 stars. And as every time that I read one of this books I cannot wait to read the following one.

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