March 15, 2017

Six of Crows


I think that would be the best definition for Six of Crows. And I think that even when I am going to be talking in further detail about it, I know I cannot make it justice.

I have been meaning to read Six of Crows for quite a while now, and finally in February I decided it was the perfect moment for it. It was a good choice, cause as you may know if you are a regular here, January was kind of a crappy reading month for me.

Six of Crow is not a typical story. It´s not about the stereotype heroes and of course not about the stereotyped villains. Let´s be honest, the main characters of the story are murderers, thieves and crooks; but that doesnt mean that you end up caring less about them because as a matter of fact at the end of the book you love all the characters very deeply.  Besides the plot line it´s really interesting; these outcasts have to perform a mission to save the world from the jurda parem, a new drug that has appeared in the market. But of course, they dont do the mission out of the kindness of their hearts but because it has a huge reward.

The story is full of plot twists that make the reading an adventure itself. I read it in barely 3 days and it´s a huge book (in the edition that I own over 500 pages).

However, there is something that is even better than the plot (if possible) and those are the characters. All of them are special somehow and show that evil might not be as bad and good might not be as great; there is a world full of grey in between.

I have also love the world in wich the story is develop, as well as the magic sytem. The magic system is really interesting cause not all the inhabitants of this universe have powers, only the Grisha have them, and there are several types of Grisha: those who have power over the body (heartrenders and healers), those with powers over the elements (squallers, inferni andtidemakers) and finally those who can alter the forms of the things ( durasts and alkemi).

I think I came to like Grisha as much as I do thanks to the fjerdans, which are other of the nations in this world, and hate Grishas very deeply. It´s interesting to see the story between Grisha and fjerdans thanks to the point of view of the characters in the story, unfortunately I cannot say anything else of it would be a spoiler.

I like all the characters but I have a weakness for both Nina and Kaz. I guess that those of you who have already read this book will know why; if you havent read it yet I am giving you another reason to do so.

If I havent make you want to read this book already let me tell you that you are missing a great story. Is not just the magic system and the fantasy elements. You are missing a wonderful adventure and a little bit of a romance.

The end of the book will blow your mind and all you will want to do will be reading Crooked Kingdom (as I am currently doing as I am writing this)

I consider Six of Crows a perfect book and thats why I gave it 5 out of 5 stars. The only fail I have been able to find in the book is that at least my edition is way too heavy and does not make easy my weird reading positions. I have an accident in which the book attacked my face because my arm was way too tired for holding it.  Who said that reading was a safe hobby?

Have you read it yet? If so leave a comment down below so we can discuss it or just contact my through Twitter (@martapasperez1). Do not forget to follow the blog to be notified of when there is a new post coming out.

See you all next Wednesday.

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