March 11, 2017

The Harbinger

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I have been having a crazy couple of weeks due personal issues and because uni have been crazy. But I have managed to bring you this review out of my usual publication days because, trust me when I say this, The Harbinger by Nelou Keramati is worth of every single millisecond that you spend reading this book.

Nelou was kind enough to contact me and send an ARC, that unfortunately I havent been able to read until now. But this morning I wake up and I have a couple of hours to relax and I went for it. It took me maybe a couple of hours to read it, because once you start you wont be able to stop. 

There are few words that can describe how much I loved this book. Once gain Nelou did it, she wrote a master piece in every single way. I am pretty sure that I can now say that she is for sure one of my favourite authors and I cannot wait to read every single thing that she writes. I mean I could even read her groceries list and I will be happy about it.

The Harbinger is a novella that takes places in the universe that we knew thanks to The Fray Theory (you can read my review for that one here). But the story takes places a couple of years early and instead of follow Neve, we follow Dylan, a character that, had me deeply intrigue.

I love the fact that you can read this novella before you read The Fray Theory, but I will recommend to read The Fray Theory before, because there are some things that you will understand better after you have read the first book.

Again, I am fascinated with the writing style. It´s nothing but magnificent. Nelou has a way to write stories in which you will be more trapped into the story with every page you turn in. But it wont be like reading one of those books with deeply addicting writing it will be even better, as the plot is magnificent. The way she manages to intertwine everything and to give you little bits that at the end blow your mind is unique. I love the plot twist and how she manages to expand the world as the same time that she manages to make you care even more about the characters.

As I was saying the plot is yet another of the great things of this book, and The FrayTheory. There are plot twist that you won´t see coming even when if you have read The Fray Theory you should have been able to.

The characters still being amazing and because in this novella she was more focus on Dylan I get to know him deeply and how he gets to the point in which he is in The Fray Theory. But we also get to see some other things about what was happening on the novella and how the relationship of Dylan and Neve and Romer reached to the point in which are now.

Not related with the writing style at all, but I have to say it, check out the incredible artwork of the cover of this book, again done by Nelou. It´s amazingly pretty.

As a conclusion, I will say. GO AND READ THE HARBINGER AND THE FRAY THEORY ASAP AND THEN KEEP GOING WITH YOUR LIFE IF YOU FEEL ABLE TO DO SO! Cause trust me you will have an incredible book hangover after reading this two.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars, and I think I will be rereading both The Fray Theory and the Harbinger again really soon. I really love this books so much.

The Fray Theory, Amazon link 

The Harbinger, Amazon link 

@NelouKeramati, Nelou´s Twitter

I will leave all the links so you can purchase both The Fray Theory and the Harbinger down below; as well as I will leave you all the author links

See you all soon. 

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