March 22, 2017

The Queen of the Tearling

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Today I am bringing you the review of one of the books that I rea don February. It´s obvious that as I only post once a week the reviews come a little bit late, but the point is that they arrive sooner or later and because I took notes I have everything really fresh and ready to review.

The Queen of the Tearling was a Christmas present from my Godparents and I was looking forward to read this book. I had seen many review and thanks to those I figurate it out that The Queen of the Tearling is one of those books that you will love or hate, there is no in between. Except maybe in my case, you know I like to go against everyone.

This will be a spoiler free review so you can keep reading until the end.

The Queen of the Tearling narrates the story of Kelsea, the queen of the Tearling, who has been hiding until her 19th birthday. During all this time the Tearling has been ruled by a regent. Now Kelase goes back to the capital to be crowned Queen of the Tearling, a very poor nation that is subrogated by Mort.

The plot sounded interesting and for the synopsis I gathered that there will be a lot of political intrigue as well as fantasy. Besides, in the case that you dont know, there is an adaptation in the way that will be produced and stared by Emma Watson, who wrote one of the blurbs in the back of the books.

I am going to be honest: the book is interesting, but the book was really heavy for several reasons that will be exposed in the following lines.

The characters are very flat, sometimes egocentric and the main character is way too obsessed with her appearance. I understand that the author wanted to make a point, creating a character that is different from the stereotypes, but I dont think Erika Johansen was able to fulfil this aim. I believe that the issue arises when the author keeps reiterating in all the book that Kelsea is ugly and chubby. On the other hand, I dont think that her personality is well defined and sometimes is contradictory.

I havent quite like the style either. The rhythm of the story is not well carried and sometimes I feel like she doesn´t know how to make transitions between scenes so she will write several pages that won´t contribute to the story at all: it´s not world building, neither to meet the characters any further. Also, I think it´s important to highlight that in some parts the story turn out to be pure chaos: you have been reading from Kelsea point of view for a great part of the story and all of the sudden it will change to some random character. The story overall is very obvious and predictable.

For what I say in the previous paragraph there are some things that won´t add to the story, I think that of almost 500 pages, at least 200 are surplus. And the chapters were way too long and I felt like I was not advancing in the book and so I felt like I was reading at a slower rhythm that usual.

But that doesnt mean that everything was wrong. Somehow, I want to keep reading this saga because there is something that have caught my eye. There are a couple of characters that I have liked and see potential in Kelsea to improve as a character. I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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