April 19, 2017

One Wish Away

Hey guys!

Lately I have been reading a ton of review books and actually with one exception it has turn out to be really nice and I have been really enjoying all of these books.

Today I shall be talking about One Whish Away by Ingrid Seymour. I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, without further do, let´s jump right into it!

In this book we follow Marielle, an 18-year-old who just finished high school and have her life no so much figurate it out. She lives with her grandpa and also works in his shop, but one day her grandfather passes and she is left alone with a pretty mess up situation plus a weird inheritance. Her grandfather has left her a djinn but had always tell her not to trust him. Now Marielle needs to come up with three wises as quick as she can in order to get rid of the djinn.

The synopsis had me sold if not just for the cover, because who I am trying to cheat: I do judge a book by its cover. But as I was saying the synopsis was really appealing so I requested the book and jump into it as soon as I got time to do so.

The greatest thing about One Wish Away it´s that it reminded me about how much I used to love paranormal romance, and how much I still do. Of course, it´s not all that I read anymore, because I have grown but every once in a while, it´s a good read.

So, let me start by telling you how much I   have enjoyed this book. It was fun even when at first I had some issues whit the story at it seems to be going nowhere. However, towards half of the book everything became much better and I get to like the characters and the story begin to flow smoothly.

I like how the whole myth of the djinns was portrayed in the story and I very much liked the main male character of the book. I think that I would have given this 5 out 5 stars if the story was told from his point of view. I like Marielle, but there were times in which she was such a cliché that annoyed me so much.

The plot starts go flow around half of the book, thought the begging was obviously needed, if briefer it would have been much better.

Overall I am very content with the story and I am definitely intrigued by how things will continue to be on the next book on the series. Therefore, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars, and as I said I am looking forward for the next instalments in the series.

Have you read it yet? If not, what are you guys waiting for? I promise you will enjoy. And let me tell you one last thing before I leave you for today. If you liked the Tigger´s Cursed by Colleen Hock you will definitely like this one.

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