May 10, 2017

The Rose Society

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Its Wednesday and I am not missing our usual date, but I might be briefer than usual because it´s exams time and my schedules are crazy.

Today I am bringing you the review of The Rose Society by Marie Lu a book that I read some moons ago and loved as much as I loved the first one. Before I dive into the review let me warm you that this will be a spoiler free review regarding The Rose Society but you may find some spoilers regarding The Young Elites. If you havent read the first book on the trilogy I will recommend checking my review for the first book, which you can do by clicking here.

And now without further ado let´s go to the actual review.

So, The Rose Society starts a few weeks after the events of The Young Elites took place. Adelina is now embracing her power and is determined to avenge everyone who ever did her wrong. To do so she needs the help of other elites. And I wont say anything else so I dont make any spoilers.

Let me tell guys that if you have enjoyed the first book in this series you are going to love this one even more. This is a very good second book and even when at some points, it seems that might suffer a little bit from that Second Book Syndrome it rapidly overcomes as the plot flows smoothly.

The writing style was magnificent and I love how well defined is Adelina. She is one of my favourite characters to read from. It´s incredible how well the first and the third person narrators are interwind within this book as we have in one hand Adelina as I have just mentioned and then we have the point of views of other characters as they become necessary for the plot, all of them in the third person. It might sound a little bit random but I think it´s really well done.

As for the characters, I have to say that I am somehow divided. I love Adelina, she is incredible to read from, I believe this is the only book that I have read in which we are following a villain instead of a hero and it´s so nice to see all the shadows and the inner dialogue of the character. Is nice to see that see knows that she is aware of the wrong she´s done but believing she has done it for the right reasons. The rest of the cast of characters is simple brilliant and the new additions of this book are perfect. I have loved Magiano and I am looking forward to knowing if we will get a little bit more of Sergio on the next book.

The good guys, are also so good and one of the best things of this books is that with the back and forth you dont really know who you want to win. Again, I have loved Raffaele as a character and I have really enjoyed read from his perspective even when it was so little.

The plot, as I was saying earlier is good, really good. At the beginning, I thought this book might be just another transition book I a trilogy but no, all that was happening was that we were being introduced to the new characters and world building.

Overall I think this book deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars and to be read by every single person in the world. Seriously guys if you havent start this trilogy yet, do it.

I will see you all next Wednesday. 

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