May 24, 2017

The Wicked Will Rise

Hi guys,

I am here again despite being May and being in the middle of finals here I am. Today I am bringing a review that I promised on my latest Wrap Up, which you can read by clicking here. I have already told you guys that I didnt like this book, in fact I think it suffers a lot of the Second book Syndrome.

Truth to be told it make me really sad because I loved Dorothy must die! And before I dive into the actual review let me tell you that this will be a spoiler free review but that as it´s the second book in the series you might find some spoilers regarding the first book. So if you havent yet read Dorothy must die!, you can check my review for that one by clicking here.

And no without further ado, let´s go into the actual review.

The story of The Wicked will rise begins right where we left with Amy running away from the Emerald City after she has murdered the Tin Woodman and got his heart. Now she only needs to get the bravery of the Cowardly Lion and the brain of the Scarecrow. And I cannot follow with the plot description because there is no plot.

The Wicked Will Rise is, in my opinion, a transition book (I hope) because all that happens in this book is that the characters are moving from one place to another. There is nothing happening. Nothing happen with the plot, there is no development in the characters. There is literally nothing.

If I talk about the dialogues I think they are absurd. Pure non-sense.

If I have to be honest it seems like everything that I liked about Dorothy must die!, disappear in this one. If in the first book I liked Amy, in this one I think she is idiot. If I liked Dorothy as villain, in The Wicked Will Rise I thought she was such a shitty villain. All the effort that was put into the characters in the first book was gone for good in this one.

The style is not good either. Because the story is told in the first person it makes Amy look like a child, and this makes the lack of development in the character to be much more eassy to notice.

Finally, if I talk about the romance I have to say that it feels instant. In the first book, both of this characters care about each other in a friendly way, but all of the sudden in this one they are in love. Plus, there is such a dependency from one to the other that crush the personality of the two characters.

Overall I think that this book deserves 1 star, but I will keep with the series because overall it has good reviews.

Have you read The Wicked Will Rise yet? If so, what are your thought about it?

See you all next Friday.

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