May 17, 2017

Two Hearts Asunder

Hey guys,

It´s almost the endo of May, that means is almost the end of finals but I still have some more to go. However, I did not want to miss our weekly appointment so here I am. I might be briefer than usual but, the struggle is real and I need to go back to study.

Today I am going to be talking about Two Hearts Asunder by Ingrid Seymur. I contacted the author asking for a review copy and after I joined her ARC Team she kindly gave one copy of this book to me; so thanks to Ingrid for that.

This will be a spoiler free review, but if you havent yet read One Wish Away you might be spoiled for that one. If thats the case I will recommend for you to go check my review of that one (that you can find by clicking here), purchase that book, read it and then come back and read this review.

And now without further ado let´s go with the actual review of the book.

Two Hearts Asunder is a book that surprised me greatly. I read the first book and enjoyed but this one, was even better. The story begins a few months after the events of One Wish Away and we see how Marielle and Faris are enjoying life. But Akeelah reapers and she has plans to destroy their happiness and mankind. From that moment Faris and Marielle must do what they can in order to save not just themselves and those for whom they cared about, but everyone.

In this second instalment, we encounter again most of the characters that we have previously met on the first book in the series, and is really nice seeing how the relationships of the characters have moved forward. Though I would have liked to see more of the development of Faris and Marielle relationship.

In my review of One Wish Away I said that I have some issues with the plot, because it seems to me that nothing happened for half of the book.  But in this book, this problem is solved from the very first page. All is intended to make the plot going from A to B and is done in a magnificent way. There is action from a very early point in the book and it´s so entertaining.

I like how this book introduces us to more narrators than in the first one. Instead of just having Marielle´s point of we also get to see Akeelah´s and Faris and that just make things even greater. I loved to read from the perspective of the bad guy; in this case the bad girl, and Akeelah is definitely a great villain. Even when we dont fully understand her.

The narration in this book was so rich that make me to be completely absorbed by the book while reading. And I love when books do that.

The other thing that I have enjoyed greatly was that even when One Wish Away has its fair amount of darkness this one, Two Hearts Asunder, was way darker. I like the introduction of new creatures into the folklore of this book. The wold building was really nice in this one.

Overall, I think this book is better than the first one in the series. I really like when that happens because usually the second book tend to be just a book of transition.

If I have any but to this book, it is with regard to Spain. You guys might know that I am Spanish, if you did not, you do know. There are a few mistakes in the way the Spanish is spoken (by a supposed Spanish character) and in the way that Spain is portrayed, but it´s minimum, and in no way offensive, as I have seen in other books or movies. Therefore, I dont consider this a problem.

I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars and of course I recommend all of you guys to pick this one up.

See you all next Wednesday. 

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