July 19, 2017

A Court of Mist and Fury

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Todays post is a new kind of review about a book that I have deeply like to my surprise. Instead of doing my review as I always do (spoiler-free) I am going to do my review divided in two parts one that will be spoiler free so all of you can read it and another one full of spoilers. But dont worry I will tell you when the spoilers start in case you havent yet read this book. Of course I won´t be doing this for all the books that I review, just for some of them. 

So, I am going to be talking about A Court of Mist and Fury also known as ACOMAF. As it´s the second book in the series you might find spoilers for the first book in the series, so I will recommend you to go and check my review for A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) read that one and then come to check this review. I will leave the link to that review here.

And now without further ado let´s go into the actual reviewing part of this post.

If you have read my review of the first book in this series, ACOTAR, you might know this already but I didnt think that the book deserved all the hype around it. I mean it was a fine book but in my opinion no more than a 3-star rating. Anyways I was interested enough to continue with the series because you all know how its really hard for me to either DNF a book or a series unless is something that I consider to be horrible. But the ending of ACOTAR hook me up into reading ACOMAF and God I am so glad it did.

ACOMAF starts a couple of months after the events of Under the Mountain and Feyre is of course traumatized by those and the fact that she is no longer human but a High Fairy. Now everything seems to be settling down and everyone is trying to regain normality. The only thing that Feyre should be worring about is the bargain that she made with Rhys in order to safe her life Under the Mountain.

By reading the synopsis you cannot gather much of what is going to happen and my synopsis is no much better than the official one, but trust me on this guys. This book is really good.

Contrary to what happen in ACOTAR everything happens so fast in this book and you are so intrigue by everything that is happening that you cannot stop reading. Let me tell you that I read all of the 626 pages of my edition in two days. I know that is crazy, but it is what it is.

The plot flows so much better and I think that maybe is because I like the characters much more than I did in the first book. While in the first book I thought that Freyre wa stupid in this one I really liked her even when she still makes so stupid mistakes, but those are forgivable. And what I liked the most is that she realized how abusive is the relationship she is in with one on the characters and she is not whilling to deal with all that shit. I dont want to give to much detail because of spoilers but keep reading into the spoilery section and you will learn what I mean.

Also the writing has improve significantly from book one. And actually this is what I was expeting coming from Sarah J.Maas. As you miht know cause I have say it some time I loved Throne of Glass and I think as a first book is really good. I was expecting a different story, but with the same intensity.

Overall, I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and I recommend you to pick up this series cause so far is really entertaining. I am going know to dive in the next book and final book because I am in such a fantasy mood. You will have a review for A Court of Wings and Ruin as soon as I read that one.

Are you guys planning on reading this book? Leave a comment and tell me if you interested in this series.


From now on I am not going to contend the fangirl inside me so this is your second warning.

So, as I have said I was disappointed with the first book, I was expecting something with much more action that what I found. All the action in ACOTAR happens within the last hundred pages. But with the trials and meeting Rhysand, like really meeting him, and the death and resurrection the Feyre the story seems to improve significantly and you are sold to read the next book in the series.

When I started this book and see that we were again in the Spring Court I fear that it was going to be all the same. A girl trapped in an abusive relationship but after all what happened Under the Mountain, Feyrse seems to have develop a brain and now she realized what a control freak Tamlin is. As I said on my review of ACOTAR I dont like him and I dont see how is that everyone like him so much.

Anyway she is going to proceed with the wedding and she is willing to spend all eternity with Tamlin as if with the time she will heal. Fortunately for all of us Rhys decided to appear before she dump Tamlin in the altar and Feyre is taken into the Night Court. I dont know if this is for everything that I have read and hear about this book but honestly, I found this to be much more interesting that the Spring Court and I like Rhys better even when I didn´t know all the story behind him.

This picture was taken from here. Credit to the artist
I mean from the very beginning Rhys has only helped her. Ok, he made a bargain with Feyre but he was the only one with the balls to try to kill Amaratha and he has always tried to save Feyre no matter the cost to him. He even broke into the Spring Court when Tamlin (the supposedly good boy) looked her inside the house to keep her safe. And inbreking into the Spring Court he risks a lot, due Freyre being the bride of Tamlin and all that shit. But he did not care and he saved her.

I liked how even when Rhys loved Feyre and, it´s obvious that he does, he is willing to let her being her own person and to make her own choices. He respects her so much that only for that you all should love him.

But as the plot goes on, we get to meet the Night Court Inner Circle and Feyre becomes a part of it. But not only that but she makes friends for what it might be the first time in her live. And they become some short of a family. They help each other and as it could not be in any other possible way, they have to save the world but that won´t happen until later in the story so I will talk about that later.

When Feyre has to go to the huma realm again and she her sisters is kind of emotional because despite Nesta disliking fairies so much she let Feyre get into the house and she trust her enough to even let her friends in. And I love how Nesta is such a bad ass even when she is clearly in disadvantage when compare to the fairies.

As the story goes on, we get the chance to meet Rhys in all his complexity as we do with Velaries and the rest of Prythian. The world building and the increase in the complexity of the characters in ACOMAF is magnificent.

One of my favourite parts of this book is when they are visiting the Summer Court in order to steal the Book. This part is honestly so funny that I will recommend the book just for it. I enjoyed seeing how it was so obvious that booth Rhys and Feyre were into each other but none of them wanted to take the first the first step because each of them had their own reasons. When Amran and Feyre went into the temple was honestly one of the best parts and how the Blood rubies arrived into the night Court because of the steeling is nonetheless interesting.

Then so many things happen but I am going to go to the point that I have been dying to reach. They leave the Velaris and go into the Illyrian camp. And from there Rhys and Feyre go away to train her powers but they are attacked and Feyre has to save Rhys but he is badly injured and poison; so, she captures the Suriel again to learn how to cure him. But she also learns that she is the mate of Rhys and she is so pissed by it that as soon as they arrived again into the camp she asks Mor to take her away.

This picture was taken from here. Credit to the artist
And I really liked this part of the book and, again, only for this part you should read this book. She ask for space and Rhys respects the fact that she needs that space he does not impose his presence and he is able to give her the time she needs to make her mind and realised if she wants him as a mate or just for fun.

The chapter in which Rhys appears in the cabin and he tells her his story is so beautiful. He tells her everything that leads to the mating and is so beautiful, because he has grown feelings for her beyond the primal physical bond that the mating bond might been. And then she decides to give him food, which apparently is a very important part, since it means that she accepts the mating bond. But seriously I loved everything about this chapter. Specially towards the end when he says something in the lines that he was hurting because she was in love with Tamlin but he didnt care to be in such pain as long as she was happy. Can someone please get me a boy like this?

Also, I have really enjoyed the attack on Velaris and how Feyre goes against what she is been told to do and defend the city and slaughter the invaders and the Ator, it´s such a powerful scene.
And the rest is pretty much action and getting the second half of the Book from one of the human queens, who seems to be the only one with some brain. And then they go to Hybern where their plan does not work. All because Tamlin (who is an idiot and I am never getting tired of saying it) decides to sell the entire world because of his male ego doesnt let him understand rejection. And because he cannot respect the whites of the person he claims to love.

And then the plot twist with both Elain and Nesta becoming fairies and Lucien mating Elain is just mind blowing. But not nearly as mind blowing as it´s Feyre sacrificing herself in order to save them all. I almost thought she did actually get rid of the mating bod. Thank God in the next chapter Rhys remains calm so I calm a little bit until at the end he explains everything.

As I have sad early I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and I really loved this book. If you have reach this far into the review, please let me a comment so we can discuss all of your thought regarding this book.

See you all next Friday!


  1. Me encantó este libro y no puedo esperar al siguiente<3

    1. Yo ya leí el siguiente porque no soporto la espera y, lo leí en inglés y, de hecho, mi reseña del siguiente sale el próximo miércoles. Nos leemos.