July 17, 2017

Bossy Buddy Read

Hey guys,

I know it´s Monday and it´s not my usual day to post but here I am to tell you about a little funny thing that I am doing with Evelina from Avalinah´s Books (you can check her blog b clicking on the title of the blog).

Evelina and I meet thanks to Twitter (God bless social media) and we decided to do something together for our blogs. Evelina came up with the idea of a Bossy Buddy Read. And you guys might be wondering what is that about; so, let me tell you.

We exchange our Goodreads selves of TBR books and each of us should pick a book for the other. It was kind of hard to be honest, cause at first, we could not find a book that we have read so we can tell the other to read. Eventually we found some books and the thing started. I picked Red Rising for Evelina, and if you have been here for a while you might know that this book is one of my all-time-favourites. Evelina chose American Gods for me.

And in other to make things a little bit more interesting she wrote this for you guys.

“Why do I think you should read American Gods? Well, most of all, because I couldn't find another book on your owned TBR that I have read and could recommend :D American Gods is not the first book by Neil Gaiman I would recommend to people. I definitely liked it, but not as much as Neverwhere or The Ocean At The End Of The Lane. However, it IS Neil Gaiman, so I can still say for sure it's something you should read, especially if you have it on your TBR already. And I am very excited to hear your thoughts on this long, epic book.”

That only make me want to read the book more.

As far for how this will work it´s pretty easy. We have both pick a book for each other that we will read. And exactly one week from now we will be posting reviews about these books, but these reviews will be somehow different. We have each prepare a set of 7 questions that the other must ask regarding the book. Sounds cool, right?

I hope to see you all next week for my review of American Gods and, please go check out Evelina´s blog cause is a really nice space.

See you all on Wednesday. 


  1. Red Rising was the epic-est thing you could have picked for me!! I can only hope you like American Gods just as much :)

    1. So far I am enjoying it, though is kind of dense and hard to read.