September 11, 2017


Hey guys!

It´s September and here I am with my new posting days. From now on our weekly appointment will be on Mondays at our usual hour. I have been in vacation during august as I told you on my July Book Houl & Wrap Up + Augoust TBR. In that post, that you can read by clicking on its title, I said that I was planning on reading Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Mie Kaufman and I did it, actually I´ve told you a little bit about my feelings towards this book in last weeks post.

I have been meaning to read Illuminae for the longest time. Ever since it first came out. And for as long as I have been meaning to read this book I have been postponing it because it was sup hyped and I was apprehensive to read it. But then my friend Evelina from Avalinah´s Books told me that this series blew her mind and ever since our Bossy Buddy Read I have learned to trust her taste in books. So, I asked for the books and my mum got both Illuminae and Gemina.

Illuminae is a syfy book told in a very unique way. In 2575 there are two mega-corporations that are at war and, in being so they destroyed a planned but one of them rescue some of the people on the planet that has been destroyed. And that´s all that I am going to tell you so I don´t make any spoiler to you.

I am honestly so surprised about this book. As I have told this book was told in a very unique way and maybe it was one of the things keeping me from reading the book. The story is told in files, that are supposed to be secret or classified. So, as you read you get the feeling that you should not be reading that and I don´t know about you guys, but when someone tell me not to do something I only feel more compelled to the thing they told me not to.

I found the writing to be surprisingly good. I mean I thought: I might like the book, but I won´t be falling in love with the writing style. Could I have been more wrong? Hell no!! I think the authors make an incredible work with the characters and the world building.

The characters are so vivid and you get to know them, care for them and feel like you know them. Take into consideration that there are few books that achieves that level of commitment towards the characters and they have pages and pages of description of the characters, their circumstances and their feelings. Instead in this book you only have pieces of conversations, security footage and other dossier things. And the feeling of closeness with the characters in this book is amazing.

With the world building, something similar happened. Everything is done through the files in the dossier and still you get the world and how things work. You get a little glimpse into the future that these authors have create.

The plot is also really good and the rhythm is perfect. It´s true that it makes take you 100/150 pages to be invested in the story. But once you are immersed in it you wont want to stop reading. Seriously, this book it´s completely addicting.

Overall, I gave this book 5 out 5 stars. I will recommend it to all the syfy lovers out there. And I will also recommend it to all of you who like innovative books.

Have you read it already? Leave your opinions down below so we can discuss all of our feeling towards this book.

See you all next Monday. 

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