September 18, 2017

Labeling Bookworms

Hey guys!

Today I am bringing you a slightly different post to what we are used to have. It´s not a book review or a wrap up or a book haul. For that matter is none of the above and it´s not related to books even when it´s.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have like stories so I would ask my mum to read them to me before bed time, and during lunch time, and even maybe during nap time. Eventually my mum got tired of me so when in school they were teaching us how to read I learned faster than the rest of my classmates so I could read my stories. Yeah guys, true story. While for the rest of my classmates took a whole school year to learn how to read I did it in a couple of month.

After that a book buying problem started. Tales were cool, and I wanted them all. My parents were pleased and as both my grandmas were avid readers, they understood my wanting to read, so more books came from that side. And don´t you guys go thinking I forget about my Godfather, he has always been giving me books.

But my reading history it´s not the point of this post. It´s related but no.

You know that often little kids dont like to read, and that was the case for all of the kids around me. They didnt like to read so whenever I said: I like to read I got looks that basically were telling me that I was insane and I weirdo.

Growing up that did not change. People around me doesnt like to read. Often, they dont understand my investment with a story or with the characters. Whenever I say I like to read fantasy I got looks that were similar to those that I get whenever I said I liked to read. And whenever I said I like to read syfy I get the comment: So you are one of those nerds. The latest comment has also been done to me whenever I say I have a blog about literature.

So, I want to make things clear. First, being a nerd is completely fine. I dont know if I am but, if you look at me you wont get that vibe. I dont look like the image people have of nerds. Actually, they label me as a nerd but they do it in surprised. Clichés are very believed, so apparently nerds have to be some sort of antisocial being, wearing Star Wars/Star Trek T-shirts, that play video-games and read weird stuff. I am do not fit in that description. I am a very sociable person and I have lots of friends. I like to dress in what I consider to be a fashionable way, and I do not like to play video-games.

Second, and this is the most annoying part, at least to me. Because I like to read certain type of books does not mean that I dont have a social life that is not cool or that you can label me as anything. Seriously guys do I label, for instance, those watching football as those morons watching 11 guys in underwear kicking a ball? Do I label, those people who go to wine tastes as people that only drink wine? Do I label those who like to go to clubs as brainless people who listen to shitty music? No, I dont, even when I do not like their hobbies. I respect all of those, so why dont people respect my hobby as I respect their own.

I could go on and on about the respect thing, but it will be a post way to long, and I am sure most of you will stop reading after a couple of paragraphs. My point is that you can have whatever hobby you like and you should not be label as anything just because of it.

I like to read YA, fantasy, syfy, sometimes a good romance, and because of that I am not stupid a nerd or any other offensive label you can think of. And because I like to talk in the internet about my hobby you dont have the right to look at me like I am some short of fair monkey or whatever.

I read, because I like to discover new stories. I review because I like to share my love for those books so more people can discover those amazing worlds that make me feel something.

If you have reach this far in the post: congratulations! I was not sure if anyone will read it til the end. But I am glad you did it. I will like to ask you for two things: please do not label people in offensive ways; and, leave me your opinion so I know what are your thoughts on the topic.

See you all next Monday. 

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