October 30, 2017

Liebster Booktag

Hey guys!

Today instead of bringing you another book review I am bringing you a Booktag, because they are always so much fun to do so why not. I´ve been nominated to the Liebster Booktag by both Evelina from Avalinah´s Books and Patri from Written in the Sand, so thanks to both of them for the nomination.

“What´s this Liebster thing?” is what some of you might be wonder (if you live under a rock). So, in this tag I have to answer 11 questions done by those who nominated me, and then nominated 11 blogs and give them 11 questions to answer.

As I have been nominated twice I will be answering 22 questions so now without further ado, let´s start.

Evelina´s questions

What got you into blogging? Tell me the backstory!

I have been blogging for quite a while now (8 years). It all started with a school project for a computers class in which part of our grade came from creating a blog and create content for it. At first, I really didn’t like this idea but eventually it grown on my and I discovered I really like the idea of sharing what I think with different people that, most of the time share their interest with me.

The very first blog that I have was a mess content wise, because it didn’t have a specific topic. It was called “No es por criticar” that in English is something like “Not to criticize”. It was fun but I had to stop blogging because last year of high school came around and I did not have the time to create quality content and when I do things I like to do them right.

Two years ago, I had pneumonia in the summer and I started another blog in which I published my stories and eventually some book reviews but I choose WordPress and was not very comfortable with the software so quit it. Finally, a year and a half ago I started The Somewhere Library and here we are.

How long have you been blogging now?

I kind of answer that question right above so, yeah, 8 years.

Your life before blogging and after – differences?

Buff! This question is taught. I think the main difference is the way that I read. Before blogging just read and I have no one to talk about books, and as most of my friends don’t read or if they do they read slower than I do so I have no one to recommend me books. After blogging I discover an amazing community and make new friends, who understand all my hype.

What are your favourite genres and why?

I love fantasy and syfy but most of them fantasy. The reason is because ever since I was little I had a million stories inside my head and fantasy and syfy are usually settle in different universes with magic. They are wonderful ways of traveling.

If not, I love to read historical fiction, is a nice way to learn and enjoy a good story.

Recommend three books – one for three different genres you like.

For fantasy The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It´s my favourite book and I think everyone should read it. I haven’t published an English review yet but it´s to come.

For Syfy the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown, it´s a wonderful story about rebellion, racism and space ships.

For historical fiction, TheNightingale by Kristin Hannah. This story is a wonderful tale of the role of woman in the Second World War.

Do you read non-fiction? If you do, why? If you don’t – why?

I do it but not really often. When I do it is mostly because are required readings for class and then I am so exhausted that I want something more relaxed just to have fun. When in vacation I do read some non-fiction, all related to the economic field because I love it.

What’s your favourite non-fiction book?

The Undercover Economist by Tim Hartford. This book I read it when I was still in high school but it was the first nonfiction I ever read and it was probably what send me in the path of my bachelor. In this book, you learn how the economic principles are present in your everyday life. It was super interesting.

Do you read in other languages?

Or course! I don’t know what happens in other countries but in Spain translations are usually very shitty so if I have enough fluency in the language of the original version of the book I rather read it in the original language. So far, I have read in English and French, besides Spanish. I hope that by the end of the year I am able to read in German as well.

What do your IRL friends think about you blogging? Do they even know?

My friends are very supportive with everything I do and blogging is not an exception. When I want to go to a book event I always have someone coming with me and they go and read all my post and tell me what they think of them, sometimes even pointing some spelling mistakes.

Do you ever see yourself not being a blogger anymore?

Right now, no. I like blogging even when is like a job by itself because if you want to have quality content you have to put some effort and time and planning into it. But I love doing it, because I love to share the things that I like with others.

Worst thing you’ve ever done to a book?

I am very careful with books. Worst thing I´ve done to a book was, according to my mum, when I was around 1 and decided a book was boring because it did not have pictures on it so I decided to put some colour in the pages. We still have that book at home in the living room.

Patri´s questions

What is your favourite genre to read?

This one was answered on Evelina´s questions. My favourite genre to read is without a doubt fantasy. I just love all those new worlds and all the magic.

What does a character need to be your favourite?

Well it depends I like a great variety of characters. For instance, I love Adelina from The Young Elites series and she is a villain but the I love Emma from Lady Midnight and she is a good person. I think what I enjoy the most are characters that are complex and that I can relate or if not relate just come to an understanding. I like for the characters to be complex and have an arc in the story, if they start being selfish I like for them either more selfish or generous because of what they have gone through. I like characters with a development. And I hate for them to be perfect.

Who is your favourite author?

I would love to say that it is Patrick Rothfuss but I cannot because even when I have loved every single book that I read by him I have only read one book series by him (because he hasn’t wrote anything else). Instead, I will go with Cassadra Clare, because every single book that I have read by her I loved, and yes, I know most of her books happen within the same universe but with different characters and storylines.

What do you prefer: national or international authors?

I don’t care where the author does come from as long as the book is good. There are some national authors (from Spain) that have written such good books that I wish for them to success all around the world but I know is hard. On the other hand, I have also read some famous international authors that I just don’t like and don’t get why they are as successful as they are.

What book would you like to see turned into a movie?

I am not sure of book-to-movie adaptations anymore. If I will have the absolute certainty that they will do a good job I will love to see Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo; The Name of the Wind which is actually already happening and both Throne of Glass (also already happening) and ACOTAR.  

What is your favourite song when reading (if you listen to any)?

I cannot just pick one because I love to hear music when reading, it has to be instrumental, however. I have this playlist with all the Audiomachine songs (you can find it clicking here) and just listen to that non-stop. If I see very clearly that the book is going to have a happy ending I will put Now We Are Free (Maximus Mix) by Hans Zimmer from the movie Gladiator (you can check that one clicking here).

What book would you like to have a sequel to know more about the characters?

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. I know in a way the story is closed but I really need to know more about all those wonderful and amazing characters.

Who is your favourite main character?

This is a tight between Kvote from The Name of the Wind and Darrow from red Rising. They are both so complex that is exquisite to read from their perspectives.  

What do you prefer: read in the first, the second of the third person?

Definitely not in the second, it makes me really nervous and I really don’t like it. Between the first and the third I really don’t mind, it depends on the story and what works best for it.

What appeal to you the most when starting a new book series?

First and I am king of ashamed of saying this, the cover, then the plot and then how long I will have to be waiting to be able to read the next book.

Those were all the questions and now let´s go for my nominees

Silvia from Silthesia

Lana Fry from Lana Fry

Lucía from La Estantería torcida

Noe from Entre Páginas y Letras

And I know that´s not 11 but my other 7 will be anyone who wants to do it.

The rules are simple

Thank the person who nominated you

Answer the 11 questions

Nominate 11 blogs

Give them 11 questions to answer

And my questions are

What is your favourite memory related to a book?

What is your Guilty Pleasure book?

Why did you started to blog?

Which ones are your favourites blogs?

What is the author you have to read absolutely everything from him/her?

When you go book shopping, are you curious to see what other people is buying? Do you recommend books to the other customers?

What was that book that make you love reading?

What question would you like to be asked?

Answer the question you formulate above. 

See you all next Monday. 


  1. Creo que nunca he leíd oalgo en segunda persona, suena muy raro ¿no? Al menos no lo recuerdo, si es tan extraño como para hacerlo.
    Qué ganas tengo de leer Crooked Kingdom también! Este mundo es muy interesante, tengo que ponerme las pilas con el mundo grisha de la autora. No me da el tiempo para todo >.<

    Un saludo Marta!

    1. ¡Hola María!
      Lo primero muchas gracias por tu visita.
      Con respecto a lo que dices de leer en segunda persona yo he leído algún fanfiction (cosa que terminé por abandonar porque me sangraban los ojos), y, además leí algo en el colegio porque era parte de algún movimiento literario pero ahora mismo no recuerdo, lo busco cuando tenga un minuto y te dejo el titulo por aquí por si quieres echarle un vistazo.
      Y, sí te recomiendo que leas todo lo de Leigh Bardugo porque yo creo que es uno de mis grandes descubrimientos de este año.

  2. I'm only visiting now, oh my :) but you have been blogging for 8 years now. Wow! That's incredible :)

    1. Yes, I have. But I haven´t being that constant about it, so I don´t think it really counts.