April 23, 2018

I Could Write a Book

Hey guys!

Despite what it might seem by the title of this post I am not writing a book; at least not anytime soon.  Today´s post is about a book with that title and let me tell you that I have deeply loved the book.

I could write a book is modern retelling of Jane Austen´s Emma and is wonderful. In case you don’t know this, Emma is probably my favourite among all the Austen´s books that I have read and definitely one of my all-time-favourites. And if you guys have been around here for a while you might know that I am all about retellings. This book seemed like the perfect combo for me so I requested an ecopy on NetGalley. The publisher was kind enough to approve my request do before I start with my review I would like to thank them.

TO be honest, even when I was excited about picking up this book I was somehow hesitant. I have read some good retellings, but I have also, read some awful ones. What if this one didn’t live up to my expectations? Thank God it did and surpassed them.

Being a retelling of one of Austen´s book I don’t feel like I need to tell much about the plot but just in case I will give a quick summary. Emma Woodhouse is young woman who has pretty much everything she might want to have. She is an expert matchmaking even when her matchmaking abilities might not be as good as she thinks they are. The thing is that she is so busy finding love for others that she hasn’t found it for herself… yet.

So, I know that my summary is pretty vague but in case you haven’t read the original story I don’t want to give much away. Just trust me and go and read it. And as you are also go and read the modern version of it by Karen M. Cox, which is the book I will be talking about today.

I don’t know where to start talking about this book and for me to confuse and not knowing what to say is something very rare. I finished this book on Saturday night and now in Sunday morning as I am writing this post I am trying to put all my feeling in order and be able to do a review that is worth the book.

Should I start talking about the characters? Or maybe about how the author captures the essence of the classic and still managed to create a whole new story on her own? I think I will start by that latest point.

As I said I am deeply amused by how much the author took from the classic and how she still managed to create her own story. It´s impressive how maintaining the plotline so true to Austen´s version Mrs. Cox managed to create a modern version that is still applicable and enjoyable. I think part of the playability of it should be attribute to Austen, for being a woman ahead of her time and write book with such complex topics that still important nowadays but the brilliant adaptation is entirely on the authors talent.

I am fascinated how she took the story moved to the other side of the Atlantic 160 years later and make the story great. There are some scenes that are almost identical to what they were on the original and even when in an entirely different context they were as impressive as they were the first time.

I also loved how all the characters were portrayed. Emma was a modern woman, again ahead of her time, since the book takes place on the 70´s. She is a very likeable character in my opinion, because she is pretty much like every woman. I love how I see myself reflect on her actions. Let´s be honest! Even when we tried not to, all woman’s, we are matchmakers and carriers for our love ones. But it´s not only her who is a great character, I absolutely loved how incredibly well portrayed was George Knightly. As for the rest of the characters a quick shout out to Mary Jo who is a modern version of Harriet and the lovely Helen who is Hetta.

The writing was on point it was somehow beautiful in its simplicity. I loved how the author replicated the more formal speaking of the 70´s as oppose the modern way of talking. I also think she did a terrific job with the path of the story knowing when it was appropriate to introduce dialogues and when it was ok to have longer descriptive or narrative paragraphs.

As for the world building I found that Mrs. Cox did also a very god job. She did it in a way that we understand the level of wealthiest of the characters if you haven’t read the original book but still elegant for those who have rad it like myself. We will notice just what is needed to be notice at each time.

I think that all of you can imagine that I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and will highly recommend for all of you to pick it up.

See you all next Monday with a new post!

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