June 4, 2018

Tell Me No Lies

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It´s Monday and so I am writing a new post and once more is about that I was highly anticipating: Tell Me No Lies by A.V. Geiger. I got an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. So first, I would like to thank both the publisher and NetGalley.

As far as the book goes, I must say I was highly anticipating this book ever since I finished the first book, Follow Me Back, some month ago. I love this story because today is way too relatable and I highly recommend it.

Before I start the review, I would like to say that this will be a spoiler free review with regard to Tell Me No Lies but as this is the second instalment in the series, the review will most likely contain spoilers regarding the first book. In case you haven’t read the first book just yet I recommend you do it and in case you are interested, you can check my review by clicking here. And now that everything is clear, let’s just start to talk about what we all have been waiting for.

Tell Me No Lies starts a few days after all the events in Follow Me Back unravelled. There is a new case been presented to us and we are again discovering a mystery. This time someone has been murdered and we don’t know who is it and of course we have yet to discover who the murder is. The story jumps between the interrogatories with the police and the past, so we can figure how we get to the point in which the investigation is been conducted.

This was a great book but I must say that I liked best the first one. In Follow Me Back my favourite part was to see how the whole relationship between Tessa and Eric was built though the DMs over twitter. I love how sassy they were even when they weren’t trying to be so. That was missing in this book. In the first book most of it was told in the message format whereas in Tell Me No Lies there is way more narration than in the first instalment. But, please don’t get me wrong, by no means I want to say that this book is poorly wrote or something along those lines, it´s just that I loved how the other one portrayed the characters.

The characters, however still to be great. I love Tessa because she is the whole reason for this book to be as relatable as it´s. Tessa is a young girl that struggles with some of the issues that lots of people face nowadays. For instance, she is trying to figure it out things in her relationships as she is also struggling with her own identity issues. In the other hand, I like her because she has some mental health problems but she does try to get better. And finally, I like her character because even when she was a fangirl and we all are a bit of those.

As for the rest of the cast of characters I can say few things without making huge spoilers, but I must say that I was kind of confused regarding those. There is a case that you will notice when you read the book, in which a character had some personality and in this book its complete changed, for the worst. It happens with another character but it was not that important to me, because when you arrive to the end of the story it makes sense.

The plot was all right. I enjoyed and the book was highly entertaining. I usually read those eARCs on my way to work, which is like a 20 minutes route every morning, the afternoons are for phone calls with my friends. My point is that I read the book incredibly fast. It only took me 4 mornings. Ok, I know that this is not a big book, but the point is that I was extremely ended to the story even when some of the plot lines seem all wrong to me.

Particularly there is part in this book, I which basically a character that was supposedly with great mental health starts developing out of nowhere symptoms of it. Like if he had it for long time. I am not psychologist or physiatrist, but I guess mental illness as other illnesses don’t appear from one day to the next. Please do not hesitate to correct me if I am wrong.

Finally, I have to say the author went all over the place with this. There are way too many issues treated on this book and I don’t feel like all of them get all the attention they needed because of the excessive amount of them present in the plot.

Overall, I will recommend the book. It was enjoyable and fun and I will definitely keep waiting to read more books from this author in the future. I gave this book 3 out 5 stars.

See you all next Monday.

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