October 12, 2019

The Outcast

Hey guys!

Another Saturday and another review. And can we please acknowledge that fact that I have been posting on a consistent schedule. I know that for a while  have been absent but I thinks is safe to say that I am back to stay. And what better way to celebrate that with another review from the series that took over my life this past summer. If you are thinking that you are getting another review of a book by Taran Matharu in The Summoner series, let me tell you: “You are dammed right”. Today I will be talking about The Outcast, the prequel novella. 

So if you have been visiting for then last weeks you probably show my reviews of the main trilogy in the Summoner Series. But just in case you want to check you can do it by clicking on each tile to see the review. 

The Summoner
The Inquisition
The Battlemage

This review will contain any spoiler regarding this book or any of the books in the series, so you can read until the end. And now without further ado, lets jump into the actual review. 

The Outcast follows Arcturus, a character that is secondary in the trilogy. Arcturus is the bastard son of a nobleman and he discovers that he can summon demons by stalling his half-brother summoning scroll. From that point his life will be change forever as he will go to Volcans (the magical school that teaches magic in this world) and maybe made some friends. 

So this books was different from the others but it was actually really referring to get a different perspective. I do really love that it was Arcturus because he was a character that I have already formed a bond with and actually liked. It was a great red because even when his story had so many similarities with Fletcher´s it was able to stand on its own.Again we are faced with the whole orphan being send to the magical school. However in this case is kind of different because we learn how some of the laws that are present in the main trilogy apear. 

Arcturus is a character that is actually very easy to empatado with even when he is not making the most intelligent decisions. I like how we see the differences between nobles and commoners ion a very disntistic way in this book as opposed to The Novice. Of course in that one there are differences between the classes but I think Taran Matahru did great at showing how societies evolve with time even when things seem to be the worst ever. 

In this book we don’t see as much of the society as in the other trilogy because is more focus on the nobles and the Prince, but the book is great if you looked from a political perspective. It show how sometimes thing happen but are not actually meant to bring a change.

Plot-wise this book was extremely entertaining. First we get to see how other summoner got his first demon, but then see how things are not as easy as they might seem. Also we get so much more from the school and when you have read the other trilogy you get to see how much things have change due to the war, that you can see happening in this one. 

I have also love seeing Elaine Lovett because she is a great character from every single perspective you look at it. Can we maybe get another book in this series in which we get to follow her? I love how her strength and her convictions are shown from such an early age. 

On the other hand we see how some characters from the other trilogy have grown to be even worse that they were despite the best intentions or influences that they were summated to. 

Overall this book was fun to read and ideal to help me cope with the sorrow of not having more books in the series. Is king a good way to leave a world you love but in an easy way because even when you like the characters you are not the committed to them but still get the chance to say a bittersweet goodbye to discovering the world for the very first time. However I think that there is room for more books in the series as I have discussed with Becci from @booksbybecci. 

This was not greater than the other by any menas, but it was highly entertaining because we see how many of the events that happened in this one affected to what happened into the trilogy. Would I recommend read this one before the others? Not really, even if you won’t by finding any spoilers I think you will appreciate the book more if you read after have read the others.