April 18, 2016

The Hunstman: Winter´s War

Hello Everyone,

The other day I met my friend Alicia and as always we made plans to change them and then go back to the original plan. Seriously we are the worst, nobody could take us seriously. Every time Alicia and I are together is like being back to when we were14 or so. It´s always so much fun, but the most absurd things happen to us (including the most idiotic accidents).

The original idea was going to the movies to see The Huntsman: Winter's War but, there was a little problem; the universe tends to go against us, so we were late and the line was infinite. So as it was a long time not seeing each other, we say let´s go for a snack or a drink or something and just chat. So we went to a dinner in front of the movies and had pancakes. And it was amazing, so I was wondering: “Could anything be better than these pancakes?”. I mean, look at them.

So joking aside, as we were considering to leave, we went inside the mall again, and it was plenty of time and even when the line was big, it was nothing that could be compare to the first line so we decided to go back to the original plan and go to see the movie. And of course find an answer to my question; Chris Hemsworth is better than the pancakes. 

Regarding to the movie I will say that it is fine, and it´s entertaining; but it´s so clear to me that this movie is one of those made to make just for commercial success, not that all of the other movies are not made for that, but my point is that is a story based the Snow White tale and there is no Snow White. But all of us know why that is it, so I am not going to talk about it. Because despite the fact that is being made for the commercial success, and some major errors in the script this movie is actually quite good.

It started a few years before all that happened in Snow White and the Huntsman, and we get to know Ravenna and Freya, her sister. We see how Ravenna arrives to the power and how her sister becomes the Snow Queen. And we also get to know how Eric became the Huntsman, which actually is so interesting.

However and here it is where the fails on the scrip start. I am pretty sure that Snow White ends up with the Huntsman, but all of the sudden she is married or at least together with Prince William, who is portrayed by Sam Claflin. I do not like to be treated like an idiot, Snow White fight for her freedom in the last movie, so I guess he freedom to be with whoever she wants should be included in there. I mean she only woke up when Eric gave her a true love kiss. But all of the sudden she is with William and Eric is graving his long death wife.

Talking about the long time death wife; she is not death at all. And that was kind of obvious to me. 
As I said before, at the beginning of the movie we get to know the background of Eric and in doing so we get to meet his supposedly death wife. She is Sara a girl who arrives with him to the North Kingdom and is trained to be a huntress with him and the other children. This happens because of Ravenna and something she did to her sister Freya. But the fact is that both Sara and Eric are the best and they fell in love.

The love is forbidden, but not just theirs, all love is forbidden in the kingdom so they try to scape and the Queen trick the lovers. And so Eric thinks Sara is death and Sara thinks that Eric broke his promise and escape without her.

As Eric tries to find the magic mirror that disappeared when it was taken away from Snow White, he finds out that Sara is not death and that she hates him now. Seriously? The romantic relationship between these two was not believable to me. It was like they were push together. I think that having Jessica Chastain, who is an incredible actress, they could have done so much more.

However the best thing about this, despite the parade of mega movie stars, was the humor. I was so surprised. The movie is still darker than a fairytale, more in line probably with something that the Brothers Grimm would have written, but there were some parts that were so funny. Obviously it was a dark humor but I really enjoyed it.

And one of the most rare things is that I found scenes that remind me a lot of other Disney movies. At the bingeing when the hunters are training it felt like Mulan. The castle and the wardrobe of Freya remind me of Frozen. I mean there were even some scenes like The Jungle Book. 

And before I finish this review I have to talk about Charlize Theron. She is amazing in this movie. She is pretty mean and she does it incredibly well. I really enjoy watching all her performances. And she is so good, I mean I´ve seen her play a naïve girl in The Devil´s Advocate or in Sweet November; but as Ravenna… She is just STUNING.

So overall I would tell you to go and watch the movie. In my opinion, you would certainly enjoy it. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Have you see the movie already? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment in the comment section so we can discuss it.

See you all soon. 

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