May 21, 2016

The Nighthingale

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I might have mentioned that this month it´s been my birthday and besides the fact that I get to celebrate with all my friends in a very funny night, I am so happy because after 21 years of living in this planet I get books for my birthday.

One of the books I get is actually the one I am going to be talking  about today: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Honestly. I can only say good things about this book. The writing style is amazing. It is done in such way that you are able to feel so tender but ate the same time being horrified by all the things that happened during the World War II.

The good thing about this book is how good the two main characters are portrayed. Both of Rosignol sisters are very strong women, but they were not like that when the book started. They both went through a journey to arrive to the point in which both of them are strong female characters.

In one hand we had Isabelle, who is my favorite of the sisters, by the way. I liked her form the beginning of the book because as a kid she went through so much, and now as a teenager has everything so clear. It´s true that she might be a little bit impulsive, but she clearly know what she believes in and she is willing to fight for it.

On the other hand we had Vianne, who I must confessed I did not liked at first because I thought she was selfish. But at the end she just wants to do right by her kids which is totally find. But it took me a while to understand it.

However both Isabelle and Vianne went to a massive character development and become such a strong female characters. Both of them were helping during the war in the ways that they were able to.  And besides being strong they were able to portray the forgiveness as well as the love in such an interesting way.

I really enjoyed all the shades of grey that this book has. Maybe that German Captain that we thought could be so evil it´s not and that French gendarme it´s. Who knows? But I like the fact that not everything is black or white.

Other of the things that I enjoyed so much while reading this book is how Kristin Hannah was able to take into account all the politics that were happening during the World War II and make them a part of the story but doing it in a way in which we don’t care about the politic ideology of the sisters. I mean I don’t know whether Isabelle was an anarchist, or if she wants a monarchy, republican or communist, neither I do know for Vianne. And I think that is a great thing so everyone could feel a connection to the girls.

Also it was so interesting to see how the role of the women during the war is often forgotten and actually they were also key. They might not be on the battlefield but they were nurses and help the resistance and they were mothers and they have to endure some serious crimes as it´s shown in this book. The injustice is for both sides because nobody can win in a war.

I love this book and I really think this is a must read. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and strongly recommend all of you to read the book.

Have you read The Nightingale already? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment down below so 
we can discuss it.

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