November 17, 2016

City of Glass

It´s been a while since I last talk about a Cassandra Clare book on the blog, at least ton English and so I think is a good time to retake the topic. Anytime is a good time to talk about Cassandra Clare´s books.

So today I will be focusing on City of Glass. As you may know if you are one of the regulars, this year I reread all the Shadowhunters books, and I have love it. So I think this might be a new tradition for me. But going back to the actual topic I was particularly looking forward to reread City of Glass because I remember that when I first read it I really enjoy it.

Plus, in one of my many trips to the library I discover the new covers and they are gorgeous. And since I borrowed the book from the library the first time I read it… You know I just need to justify myself for the great number of books that I buy.

Don’t keep reading if you haven’t yet read the first to book of the series because this is a spoiler free review for the third book, I´ll take that everyone who keeps reading have read both City of Bones and City of Ashes, but if not you just can read those reviews by clicking on the titles.

In City of Glass we can see once again the great quality of Cassandra Clare as a writer, especially if we consider that when you think that she cannot overcome herself and write something greater than what you have just read she just do it. How many authors are actually able to do such thing?

One of the strongest points of the novel is that we leave New York for the first time since the saga began. And we finally get to know Idiris, the Shadowhunters country. But that´s not even the best. The great thing of all this is that the descriptions are so rich that will allow you to imagine everything but it will still give you freedom to create something on your own.

Regarding the characters I have to mention that the incredible character development that take place during the second book still happening on this book but is not such a great part of the plot. Still that doesn’t mean that we don’t meet new skills of the characters. And some stuff is revel within the book, and it’s something that the author has been preparing us for.

However, that doesn’t mean that the story doesn’t have turns that I didn’t see coming and that anybody can predict. And of course, there are those changes in the history that all of us were expecting and which we are deeply grateful for to Cassandra Clare.

The plot of this book is beyond amazing and even it might look like there is not that much action there is even when is not the kind of action that we might have been waiting for.
I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars but I cannot go beyond on my explanations; otherwise my promise of a spoiler free review will be broken. But I will tell you that this book its in my opinion a great conclusion for the first half of the story. For me, in fact I think that within the Mortal Instruments there are two trilogies, one that I really liked which is this one, and one that I like but least that is the one that starts with the next book.

What are our impressions so far?

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See you all soon. 

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