July 12, 2017

The Wish Granter

Hey guys!

Today I am bringing you a review of one of my most anticipated books on 2017. My parents bought for my birthday and I was really looking forward to read it ever since.

The Wish Granter is a stand-alone fantasy novel that however is part of a series called Ravenspire that for the moment has another book. Apparently all of the books in this series are somehow retelling of classic fairy tales. In this case the Wish granter is a retelling of Rumplestiskin. And even when I have not read the original tale I am interesting on this one because Rumple is one of my favourite characters of the TV show Once Upon a Time.

In this story we follow Ari and Thad, they are the bastard offsprings of the king. Suddenly they are the royal family because their father and the queen as well as their son is death. But everything is kind of weird and so Ari finds out that her brother Thad made a dangerous bargain with a dangerous man known as The Wish Granter.

The premise of this book it´s really interesting and I was sold by it. I mean I was mostly attracted to this book by its cover, but the synopsis sounded interesting enough. So I picked up the book and started reading it and at the end I like it but I still have some problems with it.

Firstly I dont know why, by the synopsis of the book I was hoping that the Wish Granter was somehow different of what we get on this book so when I read the whole thing and found the kind of Wish Granter that I found I was disappointed. My other main issue with the book is related with the rhythm of the story. I was expecting something really fast and instead I found a book that is really slow.

On the other hand, I have like many things of this book.

Ari, the main character is definitely one of the best female characters that I have read. She is out of the norm I like that she is described as a normal girl with a normal appetite. But what I like the most is that she is smart and she is not scared to show that she is much more than just a pretty face.

I have also like the romance in this book. It´s an important part of it but it does not take over the plot completely. Plus, it does not come instantly the moment the two people involved in the relationship meet and I think that is really nice, because when they fell for each other it is because they have come to know the other.

Other of the things that I have liked is the fact that the book in brutal in some aspect. In some part, it needed to be that way so the story flows and I liked that the author is not afraid of showing us the brutality that was needed.

And despite this book being a retelling of Rumplestinski I like the cameo of other fairy tale characters such as Hansel and Gretel. I think it really added to the story.

Overall, I gave this boon 4 out of 5 stars and I definitely recommend for you to read it if you like fairy tales. I am sure you will enjoy it.

And before I go I will like to tell you to keep an eye on the blog on Monday cause I am doing a Bossy Buddy Read with Avalinah fromAvalinah´s Books (you can check her blog here). So stay tuned for that.

Hope to see you all on Monday 

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