August 30, 2017

Strange the Dreamer

Hey guys,

Today I am bringing a review that was promised on my Wrap Up. Strange the dreamer by Lani Taylor. And I am still on vacation so let´s just jump into the review that, of course, will be spoiler free.

Strange the dreamer tells us the story of a city that was magnificent until something happens and 200 years ago they cut the contact with the external world. But one day out of nothing the name vanished, no one could remember its name and so ever since has been called Weep. It´s obvious that this city has a problem and so a party arrive to the rest of the world searching for scholars. Lazlo sees that this might be his only opportunity to visit this city which he has been obsessed with ever since he was a little boy and so the story begins.

First of all, I have been hearing many great reviews about this book. But I have to be honest I bought the book because of its beautiful cover. I really like it. I do not own the edition with the blue pages, but still it´s a very beautiful book. Secondly, I must say that the official synopsis might be the worse synopsis I have ever read so I went into the book blind and somehow it was good but somehow it was not.

Strange the dreamer is a great book. Let´s clear things up. But I do have some mixed feelings about it. I like it a lot but at the same time I dont. I know it´s a contradiction but let me elaborate so you understand me.

I havent read any other books by the author, so I didnt know what to expect with the writing style. I have heard that she is a magnificent writer, but I have also heart that her writing is not for everyone. And I can understand both points now. The writing in this book was magnificent, but at times it was way to poetic for my taste. Which might be fine beautiful writing is something that you can never have enough of, right? Well, after reading this book I think you might reach the point in which is enough. The style of the author made the story too slow at some points, making the reading boring.

Nevertheless, this is my only complain about this book.

The characters were amazing, and all of them so well portrayed. The main character was so likeable, maybe because of his background or maybe because he is a nice guy and that´s all he is. Lazlo is not like any other male character I have ever read about, he is good and he has no inner motives to be good; it´s just who he is. Yes, he does have a mysterious pass but he is not aware of it so he is not defined by it. And he is always polite, towards everyone.

As for the rest of the characters they are all so vivid that you can almost fell as if you know them. The work with even the less important characters in the story is so nicely done that even the secondary characters feel important to the story.

The concept behind the plot is really good and like nothing I had ever read. And the plot and the plot twist are good and coming in the right moments, though that last one was kind of obvious. The problem with the plot is regarding the writing style as I have mention earlier. Because sometimes the writing is trying to be so poetic, it makes the rhythm of the story get slower and might make the reading at time kind of boring.

The world building, on the other side, is affected by the writing style, as well, but in a positive manner. The way the things are described makes you imagine all the wonders that appear on the book. The work is so nicely done, that you feel like a dreamer in those lands.

Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5stars, and I will recommend reading it if, you like character driven fantasies. But, before you do take into consideration that it might take some time for you to be hook into the story.

That was all for today. Have you read this book already? If so, what are your thoughts on it? If not, are you planning to read it?

See you all next Wednesday with a new post. 


  1. Hola Marta!
    Una pena eso de que te haya resultado un tanto lento y aburrido por partes debido al estilo de la escritora, no está hecha para todos los gustos. Yo aún no he leído nada de ella y tengo ganas porque la temática de este libro me gusta y la portada como dices es super atractiva *.*

    Nos leemos!
    P.D: I'm sorry... but I prefer to write in spanish because my english it's so baaaad, I don't practise since a few months and you know the fluency is not the same, maybe can you recomend me a book in english? not too dificult ahaha, last year I read some books of Harry Potter ;) ;P

    1. ¡Hola María!
      Lo primero muchas gracias por tu visita. Lo del libro la verdad es que es complicado, pero al final me gustó.
      Con respecto a lo que me dices de una recomendación para leer en inglés:
      1) Un libro que ya hayas leido y te haya gustado. Como ya conoces la historia te resulta más fácil entender las cosas.
      2) La saga de Vampire Academy de Richelle Mead fueron los primeros que yo leí cuando tenía como 13/14. Es una historia entretenida que se lee rapido y no son palabras complicadas. Si no, la trilogía de Los Jóvenes de la Élite de Marie Lu, con un B1 no deberías tener problemas.
      De todos modos estate atenta al blog, porque estoy preparando una entrada con recomendaciones de libros para leer en inglés.
      Por último, tú inglés no es malo, como me has dicho (al menos por lo que has puesto en el comentario no lo parece), pero todo es ponerse a practicar echarle horas y, olvidarse del español cuando usamos el inglés.
      Nos leemos.

    2. Hola Marta, vengo con retraso pero aquí estoy !!

      Pues voy a buscar los de Vampire Academy a pesar de que no me llaman en castellano pero seguro que son entretenidas. Y los de Marie Lu también los tengo pendientes.
      Graicas!! y estaré atenta!
      Un saludo!!