October 23, 2017

Crown of Midnight

Hey guys!

How are holding up? What have you read this past weekend? I hope you are doing fine and that you had some amazing reads and in case you are wondering what to read next weekend I am here ready to make you a recommendation. I will be talking about Crown of Midnigth by Sarah J.Maas second book in the Throne of Glass series.

As this is the second book in the series if you keep reading you might find some spoilers as to what happened on Throne of Glass so if you haven’t read that one yet, go check my review (here) and start reading the series, It´s worth your time. For the rest, you can keep reading if I am in the need to make any spoiler I will warn you in advance and it´ll be written in white, so you won´t accidentally read something you didn’t want to.

So without further ado let´s go to the actual review.

Crown of Midnight pick up the story a few months after the events of Throne of Glass. Now Celaena is the King´s Champion and she ought to kill whoever he tells her to. But the things that were unleash are still running free and apparently the magic is not as death as we thought it was. Celaena must face all of this while she tries to do the right thing.

This book was such a wonderful read. It was addicting and have me so focus on the book that barely notice anything around me. I read this book in the summer (yes, I know, we are in November and I read this book on august but one can only do so much) in the beach, and let me tell you that as cute as the might be children are really loud and find a book good enough to absorbed me into the reading to not to hear them was a miracle.

What I liked the most about this second instalment was the development in all the characters. I still don’t like Dorian very much [SPOILER] I still think he is a coward [END OF THE SPOILER] but I see some development in he as a character [SPOILER] for the better, and this makes me wonder if I will eventually grow to like him [END OF SPOILER].  Celaena as a character is also better, I mean, she was great in Throne of Glass, but in this book, we see glimpses into what it might come, and get to know her in a deeper level. I like her because she is not a perfect character, she makes some foolish decisions along the way but that only make her more relatable.

For Chaol I need a whole paragraph. He is the ultimate sweetheart, even when he doesn’t want us to know it. I said it before and will say it forevermore (please Sarah J.Maas don’t make me eat my word on the following books) I am #TeamChaol and won´t ever change my mind. [SPOILER]I loved how he felt in love with Celaena, bit by bit. It was not sudden and the relationship they had was amazing even when it didn’t lasted more than a 100 pages. But I loved how they cared about each other even when because of who they both are they cannot be together, at least for the moment [END OF THE SPOILER]. I love how loyal he is towards those who he loved and how he does not have a problem recognizing when he has done something wrong. Please, can I have one just like him?

The rest of the characters are also nice and very well portrayed even when some are surrounded by so much mystery, making to read about them and what they are up to really interesting.

As for the plot, I really loved how the events of the first book are used and remembered but not continued. What I mean with this? Simple, I loved the Hunger Games and Red Rising as you might know if you have been here for a while, but the repetition that works so good for those trilogies couldn’t have work as well in this series. First, because the tournament was to find a Champion and once that Champion was found we really didn’t need to do all that stuff again. Secondly because this story is way longer, there will be six or seven books when is finished. Would you like to read that number of books with the same plot? I am sure none of you would, certainly I wouldn’t. Instead, the author creates a bigger plot, that uses the tournament to introduce us to the world and develop some parts, but we still have so much more to discover.

As for the plot twist, they were nice but some of them were kind of predictable. I don’t know if this is because I have already read the book once (even when I remembered barely nothing) or, because they were that predictable. However, there is one, that is really intriguing and I am really looking forward to learn more about it on the following books.

The writing was really nice for the story, we get to see different POV´s that are necessary for the story, nevertheless none of the side characters seem to be more important than the other, and the focus on Celaena is very well done.

This book is a solid 5 stars and I will recommend it to all the fantasy lovers out there. It´s funny, it has some romance (which does not take over the plot) and a very interesting political situation. Plus, the magic system seems to be really interesting.

Have you guys read this book already? If not, here you have your read for next weekend

See you all next Monday.

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