January 8, 2018

A Poison Dark and Drowning

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A few weeks ago, you had my review of A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess and i think that is only fitting if you have now my review of the second book in the trilogy: A Poison Dark and Drowning.

This will be a spoiler free review but as this is the second book in the series you might find some spoilers regarding the first boo. If you haven’t yet read A Shadow Bright and Burning I will recommend for you to check my review of that one (which you can do by clicking here) and of course to read the book because is amazing. If I need to make a spoiler just because I really need to get something out of my chest, it will be warm before the spoiler appears and it will be written in white so you will only read the spoiler if you really want to do so.

A Poison Dark and Drowning was, if is even possible, better than the first instalment in the series. We take of a few months after all the events in the first book and the life have change in a significant way to all the characters. The thing is that everyone wants Henrietta for very different reasons.

This book, as I have already said, was even better than the first and I have love every single page of it. Remember when my previous review I said that the only problem that I found within the story was that it was kind of slow? Well that is solved right away in this book. From the very first page there are things happening and all of them are major to the plot. There is not a moment of rest. Make sure that when you read the book your brain is properly working or you might miss some stuff.

The writing is not spectacular but, to be honest, I didn’t buy this book thinking I will be reading a book with a style particulary beautiful. However, this is perfect for the story. One more, Henrietta is the one in charge of telling us what´s going on and she does an amazing job with it. Nevertheless, this is not what I like the most about the authors writing. What I like the most are two things: first, how well portrayed is Henrietta as a character, you are reading from her perspective and you do know her; it isn’t like in other novels in which despite have being reading from the perspective of a character you barely know him or here. The second, and maybe more important one, is that all the rest of the characters are easy to differentiate from each other, what do I mean with this? Simple, the story is told from just one characters perspective and still all the rest of the characters are very well worked that have a consistent personality that when talking is easy to tell one from the other.

As for the plot twist in this book I have to say a couple of things. There were those that I didn’t see coming at all and worked perfectly, and there were those that I did see coming and were even better than what I was expecting.

For instance, one of those plot twist that I didn’t see coming was[SPOILER] when Blackwood confesses his love for Henrietta, seriously at that moment I almost died of happiness. I was rooting for them for the very beginning but I only saw them as friends. But then I realized that he cares so much for her and is just too cute to handle. I didn’t see coming either Blackwood being the Imperator and his weird announcement of engagement but it was also too cute. [END OF THE SPOILER] Seriously, can I have a guy just like him?

The plot twist that I did see coming, actually ever since book 1 was [SPOILER] R´hlem being Henrietta´s father, I don’t know why but it was something way too obvious for me. Also, it was very obvious that Maria will be the chosen one from her very first appearance [END OF THE SPOILER]

Overall, I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and I honestly cannot wait any longer to read the final book. I need so many answers right now. So, in the case that miss Jessica Cluess is reading this I am volunteering to read the first draft or whatever you have related to this story.

That was all for today’s post. See you all next Monday. 

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