March 26, 2018

A Study in Charlotte

Hey guys!

Another Monday here I am! If you have been following the blog for a while you sure know that I am a huge Sherlock fan. So, when I heard that there was a retelling of those books I just needed to read it. I first heard about A Study in Charlotte in Hayley in Brookland BookTube channel and I knew I had to read this book.

A Study in Charlotte is a book written by Brittany Cavallaro in which we follow Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson. They are the great-great-great-children of the original Sherlock and Watson. They met in America when they are both in the same boarding school. And as it can be expected Sherlock and Watson start an investigation when one of their classmates is murdered.

I was really happy when I read this book, mostly because I really enjoyed it and also because this book was shockingly similar to sir Arthur Conan Doyle´s writing. It was not the same cause he was a genius, but this was extremely good.

The cast of characters is amazing. I specially enjoyed Watson which is weird because on the previous material that I read/watch about the detective I liked Sherlock better. In this case my favourite of the two was without a doubt Watson.

Jamie Watson is like John Watson in the way that he is around Charlotte Holmes. Still Watson was an amazing character on his own. I really enjoyed reading from his perspective as I joyed reading from Johns Watson perspective. Even when they are somehow similar characters they are so different from each other. I found that this is one of the best aspects of this book.

The other main character, Charlotte Holmes I liked a lot but a little bit least than the original. I mean Sherlock is probably one of my all time favourite characters and I don’t think I can find other that tries to be similar to him that I like them as much. Charlotte is an amazing character still; however, she is too much of a copy of him.

As for the story I have to say that is good but that I found the mystery to be obvious. I knew from very early on in the book who was the murderer. I did not suspect from the reasons the killer had but I did know who it was. However, I found it to be a solid story.

It´s a book that I wold recommend to all the Sherlock lovers out there. Also, it should be an enjoyable read to all the mystery lovers.

Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. Took a star a way for the extreme similarity between Charlotte and Sherlock and because of how easy the mystery was to solve for me. I will keep reading this series for sure, hoping to read the second book before March because that is when the 3rd book in the series is coming out.

See you all next Monday.

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